Unusual wooden house near the lake somewhere in Finland

The pyramidal roof, crowned with a completely glazed viewing platform, defines the “face” of the wooden house, located near the Finnish city of Sysmya.

The owner of the land between the mountain forest and the lake wanted to build a house with a special character that would provide a comfortable lifestyle and, at the same time, be able to maintain a close connection with the bright natural features of the landscape.

The best option was a wooden building of the correct geometric form that embodied the balance of clean modern lines, traditional materials, and complex spatial solutions. The building stands on the steep bank of the lake and is successfully integrated into the environment, as a suitable place for different seasons and classes.

The main feature of the building is the glazed viewing platform at the top, designed not only to appreciate the tranquility and tranquility of the landscape but also as the highest point. This is a kind of coordination center of the whole house, from there natural lighting fills several levels of internal space.

From above you can endlessly enjoy the views of exceptional beauty; and, looking from the observation deck down, it seems that the tiers of the house are stacked one on the other. A fully glazed wall facing the lake gives an additional volume to the main common area, divided into two levels. A spiral staircase, wrapped around a fireplace, made of stone, opens onto a balcony and is considered to be a unique feature of the living room.

Other facilities include a kitchen area, a guest bedroom, a sauna and two bathrooms.

The house is equipped with a warm floor in combination with a heating system. Its frame structure, trimmed with spruce wood, is insulated with natural materials, which guarantees an optimum level of comfort even during the harsh Finnish winter.

The building is also equipped with devices connected to the internet, providing complete remote control of functions such as access, lighting, and heating.

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