TOP 9 tips: how to hem the eaves correctly?

“The main thing is in the details” – this phrase describes the construction of a private house best. This is especially true for the roof, it would seem that when the roof is ready, you can relax, but if you should pay a little less attention to the final details – the result is not the same. One of them is the correct filing of cornices.

In private construction, the eaves overhang is a functional and aesthetic detail that should be in any house with a pitched roof. How is it important? The fact that the appearance and durability of the roof depend on the material with which the filing of the cornice is made because proper ventilation helps to increase the life of the entire roof. It is through the overhang that the “cornice-gable” ventilation channel passes and excess moisture is removed through it.

Tip #1: What material to choose for hemming the eaves?

Cedar soffit in Kelowna

  1. Wood. The advantage is that it is a natural and beautiful material – we offer our customers soffit made of red and white cedar. But the main drawback is that he needs additional care: the tree needs to be treated with a solution against fungus and rot, periodically tinted. In addition, it is difficult to mount.
  2. Aluminum. It is reliable and durable. With proper cutting, it is mounted quite simply – with a screwdriver for self-tapping screws. But the main drawback of the metal is its susceptibility to corrosion, so be sure to consider that it will have to be eliminated over time. There is another option for siding made of copper and this is the most durable of the currently known siding – its service life is 100-150 years, but here we will not consider it because of its high cost and complexity in installation.
  3. Vinyl. The main properties of the material are resistance to rust and decay, as well as durability without additional care. Its service life is about 25 years. It is universal, easily mounted to any type of roofing and facade. But here we will not consider this type of soffit, primarily because of its instability to mechanical damage and weather changes.

Tip #2: The cornice filing cost is usually not more than 2-4% of the total roof budget.

Your soffit is always in sight, and the overall impression of the entire roof will depend on how it looks. Therefore, it is important to use this 2-4% for the highest quality and aesthetic material.

Tip #3: It is necessary to install soffits with perforation.

Cedar soffit in Kelowna

Ventilation in the roofing cake is through the roof overhang. Incorrect filing – get ready for the negative consequences due to moisture collection: from damage to the roof insulation to the attic fungus. When calculating, it is worth considering that the perforated panel is installed after 2 integral ones.

Tip #4: Hemming the roof with soffits is high-altitude work.

Cedar soffit in Kelowna

It is unlikely that anyone wants to repeat high-altitude work every few years. Therefore, the material must be practical, durable, and maintain its appearance without regular repairs and maintenance.

Tip #5: Panels can not be installed tightly!

Cedar soffit in Kelowna

To check the installation, you need to move the panel from side to side. If the binder runs easily – the installation is correct, but if the panels are flush – there is a risk that the material will “lead” in the heat.

Tip #6: Installation of gutters and soffits should be carried out after the completion of facade work.

Cedar soffit in Kelowna

It is better not to rush with the installation of gutters and soffits until the facade lining is completed. Many people install a drain and hem the overhang before the facade of the building is ready – this is wrong! Because in this case, when decorating the facade, a problem arises: how to aesthetically join the facade coating with soffit and a drain?

Tip #7: Soffits should not be mounted in direct sunlight.

Aluminum soffit in Kelowna

To close the frontal and end boards, it is better to use special metal strips in the color of the roof, and for pediments, siding or other facade material is suitable.

Tip #8: If you plan to mount a backlight or a camera in the cornice, you need to think about this in advance.

Cedar soffit in Kelowna

In the binder with PVC soffits, it is easiest to install spotlights on your own, given that other materials will require much more effort.

Tip #9: Soffits should not be stored in the sun!

This threatens to damage the material. Therefore, when buying, make sure that the panels are not damaged, and before installation, be sure to read the instructions for storage and installation.

If you adhere to the above tips, you can confidently say that your soffits will look perfect. Any questions? Just pick up the phone and call us: +1 250-899-4218 (Anatolii)

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