Swiss house design with bay view

Having lived in a large house with well-groomed surroundings for several years, customers were ready to move to a more secluded space with a strong connection with nature, trees, views of the bay, and wild greenery. The customer, being from Switzerland, requested that the design reflect elements of the Swiss style, combining modern solutions with classic structural elements and special attention to detail.

Given only a small plot of land on which construction was allowed, and wanting to keep several large cedar trees intact, the house was located very close to these trees – so close that laying a traditional foundation would violate the root system.

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The house was built using natural materials and contrasting volumes. Although the house was created long and linear, it does not have a direct, dominant line of sight – just moving in space, a person gets an idea of what is next.

The project has the power of simple forms contrasted with the natural landscape. The house, although relaxed, comes from a sense of order. Each line is thought out and creates a calm visual identity and rhythm.

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