Soffit Installation

Soffit Installation Kelowna

Types of structures

Soffits perform two tasks: they give the building a more aesthetic appearance and provide a ventilation effect, which prolongs the life of the roof. Perforated structure of these products allows air to circulate freely.

Airing the house allows you to achieve the correct functioning of the insulation. In the roofs of the attic type, it is located in the attic, in the mansard structures, where it fills the space between the elements of the rafter system. The insulating material passes through itself the steam that comes from the inside and outside of the building.Soffit Installation Kelowna

Soffits are divided into varieties, depending on the material used for their manufacture and the way of operation. First, consider the types separated according to the first criterion:

1. Copper soffit. They retain their performance for 150 years. Also among the advantages of soffits of this kind can be identified environmental safety, ease of care and protection from negative atmospheric factors.

2. Metal soffits are also a practical and durable material. At the same time, they can be purchased at a very reasonable cost. To produce such soffits, galvanized steel is used.

3. Aluminum soffit (most popular for today). They gained popularity because of a number of advantages. These models are easy to install, do not lend themselves to temperature expansion, are resistant to corrosive processes and fire, and also retain their appearance under the influence of ultraviolet rays.

Soffit Installation Kelowna4. Vinyl soffit. These products are available in a wide range, which allows them to be selected for any interior decoration. Finishing with soffits made of PVC today is widely used. They are affordable, resistant to the appearance of mold and fungal formations, have a small mass, withstand temperature changes in the range from + 60 °C to -50 °C. His service life is about 25 years.

5. Cedar soffitThe proposed options – cedar, larch, oak, sequoia. The main advantage is that it’s a natural and beautiful material. But the main drawback – he needs additional care: the tree must be treated with a solution against fungus and rotting, periodically tinted. In addition, it is difficult to mount. 

Depending on the features of operation, the following types of soffits are distinguished:

1. Solid unperforated panels. With their help, a continuous filing of the eaves with soffit is carried out.

2. Products that have a partial perforation, where the holes are located in the center of the panels. These soffits can be called universal; they are used for plating all areas. Their main advantage is effective ventilation, due to what these soffits are able to prevent the formation of mold.

3. Fully perforated panels. They are used to design protruding parts. Installation of these products will allow airing all the internal elements of the roof.

Soffit Installation Kelowna


1. During storage of soffits, you must avoid getting sunlight on them.
2. When transporting the package with the material should be on a flat surface.
When attaching, you must not exert excessive pressure on the locks. The soffit should not be close to the fastening element, there must always be a gap between them.
4. Angles should not be treated with a sealant.
5. To work with soffits apply exclusively anti-corrosion screws or nails.
6. Mounting is carried out by fixing elements of a certain size. The diameter of the cap should be 8 mm or more, the legs – 3 mm.
7. Staples are chosen wide, as the panels need to create conditions for free movement.
8. Between the surface of the soffit and the fasteners leave a space of 1 mm.
9. The fixing elements are placed at a distance of 40 cm from each other. The fixing is carried out at a right angle.

Installation of the soffit can be done with your own hands, but it is better to entrust this work to professionals from the Terrific Exterior – they know their business like no one else. In addition, you will receive a guarantee for both material and work. So feel free to call +1 250-899-4218.