What kind of roof can you put on a conservatory?

There are three materials to choose between for your conservatory roof: glass, polycarbonate, and tiles. Your choice depends largely on your budget, and what you’d like to use your conservatory for.

What types of roof can you have on a conservatory?

Conservatory Roof Types

  • Polycarbonate roofs.
  • Glass roofs.
  • Tiled roofs.
  • Hybrid roofs.

Can I put a normal roof on a conservatory?

In short, yes. You can put a solid roof on an existing conservatory. … Another common complaint of older conservatories is that they are ‘too cold in winter’ and ‘too warm in the summer’. A solid tiled roof will eliminate all these issues, making the room an ‘all year round’ room.

What is the best roof to put on a conservatory?

Although it is more expensive than polycarbonate, glass is generally considered to be the superior choice when it comes to conservatory roofing. This is because it’s a much better insulator, meaning it keeps your conservatory cool in summer and warm in winter – plus it generally looks more sophisticated.

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What can I replace my conservatory roof with?

There are four main options:

  • Add stronger I-shaped profiles to strengthen the structure. The existing roof of polycarbonate or glass is usually only supported by the windows from thin glazing beads. …
  • Consider using timber rafters for added support. …
  • Add a lightweight solid roof. …
  • Revamp or replace the structure.

Can I put a flat roof on a conservatory?

Yes, adding a roof to a conservatory makes it warmer. The energy efficiency of modern roofs is much greater than older roofs, especially polycarbonate and single-glazed glass roofs. A tiled conservatory roof has a layer of insulation beneath the tiles.

Can I put a Fibreglass roof on a conservatory?

Canova replacement GRP roofs are perfect for transforming your old conservatory into an affordable living space that can be enjoyed all year round. Stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It is a great value way to bring your conservatory back to life and is suitable for all types of conservatories.

What is the average cost of a replacement conservatory roof?

The cost of a replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof

Type of conservatory roof Size of conservatory Average price
Lean-to conservatory 3500mm x 3500mm £2,842
Victorian conservatory 4000mm x 4000mm £4,672
Victorian conservatory 4500mm x 4500mm £4,945
Edwardian conservatory 4000mm x 4000mm £4,800

Does adding a solid roof to a conservatory add value?

A conservatory with a glass or polycarb roof is unlikely to add value. … A glass or polycarbonate roofed conservatory simply doesn’t make sense as a home improvement. A conservatory with a solid, tiled roof often does add value and will more than pay for itself when you come to sell.

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Can you put a roof on a conservatory without planning permission?

Most new‐build conservatories with either a solid, tiled or glazed roof will not need planning permission, because they are covered under what is known as a ‘permitted development’. … If these measures are not in place, the conservatory is technically an extension and separate Building Regulations apply.

Will my conservatory support a tiled roof?

Yes, you can. If the roof of your conservatory is built from polycarbonate or glass, it is possible to change it to a tiled conservatory roof. … This is because they are built with lightweight tiling, so in most cases, existing conservatory frames should provide them with enough support.

What is a solid conservatory roof?

Instead of the traditional glazed or polycarbonate roof that typically adorns the tops of conservatories and orangeries, a solid tiled roof consists of tiles to give your conservatory extra strength and durability.

Is a tiled conservatory roof worth it?

Yes, a conservatory roof replacement is worth the cost. It will improve the thermal efficiency and give you a room you can use all year round. It will also give you a place to install spotlights and speakers and bring natural light into the room using full length glass panels or Velux roof lights.

Can you put a new roof on an old conservatory?

Replacing the roof on your conservatory normally doesn’t need planning permission as regulations changed in 2010. However, you may still need building regulation approval. … For example, when adding a solid roof to an existing conservatory structure, a survey will be carried out.

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Can you replace a conservatory roof yourself?

Fitting DIY conservatory roof panels yourself.

This is not impossible to do. However, there are considerations. Unless you know how to remove the conservatory roof bars, you cannot obtain the accurate panel sizes required. This is best done by a professional survey.

How much difference does a solid roof make to a conservatory?

One of the biggest benefits to a solid conservatory roof is the improved thermal efficiency you gain from the insulation of the roof. The room will stay much warmer during colder months, and will also keep out the sun’s strongest rays in the summer.