What is Eagle View for roofing?

For about $50, EagleView Technologies can accurately measure a roof, saving time and money, even before materials are ordered. Contractors simply submit the property’s address online at eagleview.com, at which point technicians pull high–resolution aerial images for measurement.

What is EagleView used for?

With comprehensive imagery and data sets, users can generate, view, and share highly accurate maps while eliminating paper waste, reducing field time and mitigation expenses.

What is an Eagle report?

With an eagle eye report, you get a detailed list of all points of interest on your map with their latitude and longitude, which can include trees, rocks, irrigation systems, and other.

How long is EagleView?

You asked, and we listened. We now offer 3 Hour Delivery service on all of our aerial measurement reports. When you need your order fast, EagleView offers the fastest turnaround available.

How much is EagleView worth?

EagleView: One small company reinvents a $30 billion market – Dec.

Who owns Eagle View?

The new partnership offers CertainTeed credentialed siding contractors access to EagleView’s state-of-the-art, three-dimensional wall measurement reports for exterior projects including siding, windows, doors and painting. … For more information, call 866-659-8439 or visit www.eagleview.com.

Is Eagle View free?

EagleView Pricing Overview

EagleView pricing starts at $18.00 per feature, . They do not have a free version. EagleView does not offer a free trial.

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What do I do after my eagle project?

After the project is complete, write-up the “Project Report” in the Workbook: The Scout will need to complete the section titled “Eagle Scout Service Project Report” (the Project Report pages A – C. Remember to obtain signatures of completion from the Unit Leader and Beneficiary.

What is Roofscope?

RoofScopeX aerial reports give you the data you need to provide a quick estimate. … RoofScopeX is a light, compact aerial measurement report, showing square count and pitch breakdown.

Is Roofr free?

Unlimited free reports

Our software is free to use for any Roofing Contractor.

Who founded EagleView?

Our History & Mission

The beginning of EagleView is really the story of two creative brothers-in-law: Dave Carlson, who was working in Southern California as a roofing contractor, and Chris Pershing, a software engineer in Seattle. In 2006, Dave struggled with the process of measuring roofs accurately and safely.

What is an EagleView report?

Get An Eagleview Report

Property measurements reports from EagleView feature detailed 3D diagrams. Our reports calculate roof length, pitch, and additional features on residential and commercial properties and include a summary page with waste calculations.