Question: Why do people sprinkle water on roof tops?

It evaporates or vaporises by taking the large amount of latent heat from the roof or ground and surrounding air. … Hence, the roof or ground becomes cool after losing its heat to water.

Why would someone water their roof?

Water that is cooler than the roof cools the roof. It’s that simple. Yes, water on the roof will help cool it. Cooling with liquid water running off from a sprinkler is not efficient, but evaporative cooling from a small amount of water (like a periodic sprinkle) is very efficient.

Why do people sprinkle water in front of their houses?

people sprinkle water on the ground in front of their houses because the water on the ground evaporates taking the latent heat from atmosphere and thus produces a cooling effect.

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Why do we sprinkle water on roads during hot summer?

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in summer the roads become very hot and when water is sprinkled onto it the water absorbs the heat as it requires energy to vapourise. this energy is provided by the heat of the road . which cools down the temperature of the roads.. this is the reason for sprinkling water on the road…

What is the effect of sprinkling of water on the roof or open ground on a hot sunny day?

When people sprinkle water on roof or open ground, the water evaporates and take energy from ground and leaving a cool surface behind. Hence evaporation causes cooling.

What is a serious roof leak?

If the leak has spread through the roof and attic, far from where it began, you have a serious problem. Traveling leaks mean expensive water damage repairs, and it’s a sign that the leak may have been active for a long time.

Are roofers responsible for leaks?

If the roof is under either warranty, typically the fixing of any leak related to workmanship or material failure is covered at no cost to you. The team of the roofing contractor and the manufacturer mean that you are covered by the people that you know and work with as well as a large corporation with many resources.

Why do shopkeepers sprinkle water?

The water sprinkle make the dust particle to settle down due to which dust particle doesn’t blow with wind as they are wet with heavy molecules of water whereas in cemented place no process occurs so water sprinkle is not required.

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Why perspiration keep our body cool?

How sweat cools you down. … That’s because cooling your body via sweating relies on a principle of physics called “heat of vaporization.” It takes energy to evaporate sweat off of your skin, and that energy is heat. As your excess body heat is used to convert beads of sweat into vapor, you start to cool down.

Does wetting the ground make it cooler?

Yes, the room will be cooler provided water is cooler than than the floor. In that case water on the floor will absorb the heat of the floor, thereby cooling the floor and hence the room.

Why does water become cold if we add some ice cubes in it?

When ice is added to the water, the water becomes cold because there is heat exchange taking place between the molecules of water and ice cubes. … As the ice starts to melt, the molecules water provide the heat that is required for this to happen. This process is known as heat latent heat of fusion.

When water is sprayed on to an oil fire the fire will?

Why? Answer: In case, we spray water on oil fire, the oil will float to the top ” of the water and continue burning. The flowing water will spread the burning fire.

Why does ice at 0 C appear colder than water at same temperature?

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When ice placed at zero degree Celsius, latent heat absorbed by the ice is greater than the same heat absorbed by the water at same point of temperature that is zero degree Celsius. This is the reason why ice is colder than the water at zero degree.

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Which of the following option help in cooling a hot surface when we sprinkle water on it?

2. Which of the following options helps in cooling a hot surface when we sprinkle water on it? Explanation: People sprinkle water on the roof or a hot surface because the large latent heat of vaporisation of water helps cool the hot surface.

Why is ice at 273k more effective in cooling than water at the same temperature?

– At 273 K, ice absorbs more heat than water from the substance to overcome the latent heat of fusion and thus providing a more effective cooling effect. Water however does not absorb any extra heat from the substance. Thus, ice is more effective in cooling than water at 273 Kelvin.