Best answer: What roof does forest river use?

Engineering specifications describe EPDM as “Ideal for outdoor applications because of its excellent resistance to ultra-violet light, ozone, oxidants and severe weather conditions.” EPDM rubber membrane is made to last 20 years or longer and has a 10 to 12 year guarantee depending on the brand.

What are travel trailer roofs made of?

RV roofs are made of a variety of materials including rubber, fiberglass and aluminum. RV roof cleaning products are frequently made for a specific material.

What type of roof is on a trailer?

Generally speaking, there are four different kinds of roofing material used on an RV. 1. Rubber TPO – Probably the most common material for an RV roof, and actually comes in two different types: an EPDM RV roof (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), or a TPO RV roof (Thermal Poly Olefin).

Can I walk on my Forest River RV roof?

People ask all the time if it’s safe for them to walk on their RV roof, and the truth is, there’s no clear-cut answer. Whether or not you can walk on your RV roof depends on the make and model of your vehicle, as well as the type of support the roof offers for one or more persons.

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Which RV roof is best?

The best RV roof on the market is a rubber EPDM roof. They are cost effective to repair/replace, durable, are warrantied for at least 10 years, and are common and cheap to replace as compared to aluminum or fiberglass roofs.

Can you walk on a RV roof?

The roof becomes weaker as you move from the outside walls toward the middle of the roof. So the safest place to walk on an RV roof is as close as you can to the sides as you can without falling over the edge.

How thick is a travel trailer roof?

Normally, your RV roof will be two inches thick, with your ceiling consisting of two ¼ inch plywood sheets and 1½ inches of rigid Styrofoam in between the plywood.

What type of plywood is used for RV roofs?

Several grades of plywood and OSB structural panels are recommended for specific RV applications. APA RATED SHEATHING Exposure 1 is particularly well suited for subflooring and wall and roof sheathing. APA RATED SHEATHING Exterior fulfills the same function under high moisture conditions.

What is a TPO roof on a camper?

TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin and is a type of synthetic material often used in the construction of commercial and even some RV roofs. Roofing systems typically consist of three elements: a structural deck, a thermal insulation barrier and a waterproofing membrane. … Most polymers are thermoplastics.

How do I know if I have EPDM or TPO?

If possible remove a staple so you can look at both sides of the roofing material. If one side is a white or a dove color and the other side is black it is EPDM. If the roofing material is all one color, top and bottom, it is TPO.

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What is an EPDM RV roof?

EPDM: This synthetic rubber is designed specifically for roofing, and is available in both liquid and sheet form. When used as a liquid, it will dry to a semi-solid finish, offering a flexible watertight seal. EPDM sheets are dried out and cured, which offers less flexibility but a slightly sturdier finish.

How long should a RV rubber roof last?

Although most rubber roofs are guaranteed for 10-12 years and can easily last for 20 when well cared for, a snagged tree branch can tear the roofing membrane.

How often should you seal your RV roof?

Resealing your travel trailer’s roof every year is the best method in order to prevent leaks and to extend the life of your trailer and its roof. Checking the roof for leaks and sealant deterioration at least twice a year is also suggested in order to prevent any mishaps in your roof.