Where do they say Ruff for roof?

Northern US accents tend toward the long foodish one, Southern accents tend toward the bookish one. ‘Roof’ as ‘ruff’ is rare although I don’t doubt that there are some who say it. Mostly the distinction is between the two different ‘double-o’ pronunciations, the ‘long oo’ in ‘food’ or the ‘short oo’ in ‘book’.

How do New Yorkers Say roof?

Based on 29 votes, Central New Yorkers say roof (like “proof”).

Why do some people pronounce room like rum?

Pronunciation of “room” with a short vowel is, contrary to previous replies, a feature of some southern English and Welsh speech, though it still makes a minimal pair with “rum”. In fact, it’s a characteristic of RP and similar accents.

How do you pronounce roof Reddit?

I occasionally say “roof” as /ɹʊf/ (same vowel as “foot”), but usually it’s /ɹuf/. “Root” is always /ɹʊt/.

How do Chicagoans say roof?

Also, roof is said differently in other parts. We say roof & in they say it’s ruff.

How do you say pecan in Canada?

The correct pronunciation is “pe-CAHN.” I know, I’m just as shocked as you are, but it’s true. The good news is, it doesn’t make this nut any less delicious.

Does New England have an accent?

In comparison to Eastern New England English, the western part of New England is hard to pinpoint. It’s in fact very close to a General American accent, meaning it doesn’t really sound like it’s from anywhere in particular.

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Why do people pronounce drawing as drawing?

Why is it that so many British people pronounce the word “drawing” as “drawring”? This non-standard pronunciation is the result of “overapplication” of a rule governing the pronunciation of most British dialects that says that the final “r” in a word is silent unless it is followed by a vowel.