Do Asphalt shingles have a shelf life?

YES. Proper shingle storage is essential for a quality roof. … Theoretically, there is no shelf life on shingle products in the bundle. However, there may be a tendency for an asphalt shingle to stiffen if stored for more than one year.

Do shingles have an expiration date?

Roofing shingles last quite long. Usually their life span is about 15-20 years. So the answer to the question “Do roofing shingles expire?” is a yes. They do expire.

How long are asphalt shingles good for?

Vented properly and installed correctly, you should get around 80-85% of the life span out of an asphalt roof. That means you can expect to get about 20-22 years out of your 3-tab shingle roof and 25-28 years out of your dimensional shingles.

How do I know if my asphalt shingles are bad?

10 Warning Signs Your Roof is Failing

  1. #1. You have several missing or loose shingles. …
  2. #2. Your shingles are curling, cracking, dry, or blistering. …
  3. #3. The roof is sagging. …
  4. #4. There are dark/dirty areas on your roof. …
  5. #5. You have granules in your gutters. …
  6. #6. You notice several exposed or loose nail heads. …
  7. #7. …
  8. #8.
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How do you store unused shingles?

Keep the shingles in the shade if you’re currently working on your roof. If not, store them in a relatively cool place. A basement room would work best, but a garage will work well as long as temperatures don’t soar past 90 degrees frequently.

How long does a roof last in Missouri?

In areas that experience all four seasons, like southwest Missouri, a typical asphalt roof should last anywhere from 18 to 22 years, barring any severe weather activity.

What are the longest lasting roof shingles?

What’s the Longest Lasting Roof Shingle? Tile and slate shingles last longer than asphalt, but at a much higher price. High quality asphalt shingles last up to 50 years. Tile and slate can last 100 with proper care, but also require a reinforced roof structure because of their added weight.

How long does a 30 year roof really last?

Typically, a 30 – year roof will last on average 12-15 years in more extreme climates, such as we have here in Texas.

How long do Timberline shingles last?

GAF Timberline shingles tend to last about 15-25 years. They may not last as long as other types, including metal, copper, and even cedar, but they make up for it in other ways. Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing products on the market today for a number of reasons.

Is it better to remove old shingles?

While a repair job can often be more convenient and somewhat more cost-efficient, placing new shingles over old ones is never a good idea. Whether repairing one section of roof, or a replacing a whole one, it’s always best to pull up the old shingles before putting down the new ones.

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Why do asphalt shingles wear out?

Roof granule loss due to normal aging occurs over the life of an asphalt shingle roof as weather and sun exposure cause the roof shingle to lose its flexibility, as the roof is exposed to changing temperatures, etc. in ASPHALT SHINGLE LIFE / WEAR FACTORS.

How much does it cost to replace a roof on a 2500 square foot house?

A new asphalt roof for a typical 2,500 square foot single-story ranch house can range in price from $9,000-$20,000 installed. When looking at higher end materials (e.g. tile, slate, wood, or steel), average figures can jump up to between $9.00 to $15.00 per square foot.

How many extra shingles should I keep?

Order two extra shingles per linear foot of valley to account for the overlaps and cutoffs. On a 16-ft. valley, you would need 32 shingles or roughly one extra bundle.

What temperature can asphalt shingles withstand?

That means your asphalt shingles can reach temperatures of 160 degrees Fahrenheit on a 100-degree Fahrenheit day. The roofing shingles may remain at a sustained temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit for up to five hours if the shingles are exposed to direct sunlight.

How do you store cedar shingles?

Cedar Shingles Installation & Storage

Store materials flat and well supported under dry cover in a well ventilated area that is unheated. Put a vapor barrier under materials and raise off ground – especially important when storing on concrete. Store shingles on their pallet to keep them off the ground or cement.