Penthouse of concrete, glass and wood

The Northwoods penthouse, designed by the architects of the Olson Kundig studio, led by Jim Olson, is located in the city of Iron River, in the US state of Michigan. The main task in the work on the project was to emphasize the natural environment and harmoniously introduce the house into a natural context. The interior of the residence is its continuation, revealing to residents the view of the forest and the reservoir. Its color scheme is inspired by nature itself, as well as the exterior of the house, which in due course will look more natural. The chief architect of the project sought to make the mansion sculptural, admirable as if a work of art. The selected form and materials are emphasized by shadows and sun rays. Numerous volumes accommodate different functional areas, in which not only the height of the ceilings, the view from the windows but also the mood, are different. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are grouped in the central part of the house, forming a place for meetings and recreation. Custom-made furniture, including a steel cabinet, a dining table, and a coffee table, demonstrate the invisible integration of interior items and architecture in general.

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