Oak-house in Australia (Wood Siding)

A spacious new house built in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. The site is located in Camberwell, on a unique L-shaped platform overlooking the green park.

The architects designed a separate level for the common area and the entrance area was brought to this new center. Hence there is a very clear zoning: an area for children, for parents, for guests, a common area, and outer space.

The desire to keep in touch with the old park with its powerful trees pushed the authors to put forward the concept of the pavilion as a design solution. Wooden poles form the boundaries of the room, their rhythm creates the impression of a tangible depth of space, concealing the solid surface of the insulating glass with the energy-saving coating. The strained line of the suspended fireplace strengthens vertical directions in the interior. The horizontal dimension addresses the middle of the last century with its steel details and natural materials.

Oak-house In Australia

The expressive texture of clinker bricks offers an original rhyme of the living space with the external environment. The walls are built in such a way that their heat-accumulating mass can withstand the morning, midday, sunset sun and regulate the internal temperature all year round. Direct sunlight dissipates canopies from the north side of the building, as well as blinds on the north-east and north-west facades.

Oak-house In Australia

The rooms are provided with natural air circulation, and natural oak woods (wood siding) were recently trees growing on this site.

Oak-house In Australia Oak-house In Australia Oak-house In Australia Oak-house In Australia Oak-house In Australia Oak-house In Australia

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