Long lake house with black stained cedar siding in Canada

Located in a beautiful area near the American border in Quebec, Canada, Slender House, unfolds as an elongated linear volume.

Long lake house with black stained cedar siding

The house with black stained cedar siding has an area of 418 square meters on the steep bank of Lake Memphreigog, with its huge windows overlooking the tranquil secluded bay.

Long lake house with black stained cedar siding

The building is firmly anchored in the rock thanks to numerous stone retaining walls and terraces. Folded from local granite, the volume serves as a base for an impressive roof over 130 meters long with sharp edges. From the side of the exterior facade, a huge glass bay window marks the entrance, through which a view of the lake immediately opens.

Long lake house with black stained cedar siding

Strict and coarse outside, inside the house, is unexpectedly pleased with very spacious and bright interiors.

Large bay windows, windows in the roof and immaculate white walls literally fill the space with light. The ceiling height in some places reaches 7.5 meters.

All the rooms of the residence are designed to form a single line-up. In addition to the master bedroom, there are two further bedrooms with bathrooms and a small adjacent hall, as well as a sauna and a gym.

The built-in kitchen furniture and fireplace, over which the TV is hidden behind the panels, have been thought through to the smallest detail in order to disguise all the technical elements.

The whiteness of the kitchen can be seen as a continuation of walls and ceilings, while the island arises as a transformation of the oak floor.

Using the same materials as the main house, the lake’s boathouse offers an additional mini-kitchen and a magnificent rooftop terrace, giving the opportunity to admire the sunsets.

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