Your question: How do Southerners pronounce roof?

Northern US accents tend toward the long foodish one, Southern accents tend toward the bookish one. ‘Roof’ as ‘ruff’ is rare although I don’t doubt that there are some who say it. Mostly the distinction is between the two different ‘double-o’ pronunciations, the ‘long oo’ in ‘food’ or the ‘short oo’ in ‘book’.

How do New Yorkers Say roof?

Based on 29 votes, Central New Yorkers say roof (like “proof”).

Do dogs say roof or ruff?

If you ask someone what a dog says and they answer, “ruff,” and then you ask them to say what what word describes the cover of your house, they’ll say, “roof.” It works conversely, too.

How do you say pecan in Canada?

The correct pronunciation is “pe-CAHN.” I know, I’m just as shocked as you are, but it’s true. The good news is, it doesn’t make this nut any less delicious.

Is the L silent in yolk?

This was later added for the spelling to make it more similar to the Latin root (salmo, where the ‘l’ is pronounced), however pronunciation didn’t change. That said, the ‘l’ in ‘yolk’ is also silent, unless this isn’t the case in some American dialects I have never heard.

How do you say radiator in New York?

Is this true? A: No, the pronunciation of “radiator” as RAH-dee-ay-ter (rhymes with “gladiator”) is not unique to Queens. It’s not very common, though. Stewart (an ex-New Yorker) is familiar with it, while Pat (an ex-Iowan) can’t remember ever hearing it.

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How do Southerners pronounce caramel?

Jamie also shared a pronunciation map of the U.S. put together in 2013 by Joshua Katz of North Carolina State’s department of statistics, showing that the “car-mel” pronunciation dominates the western and northern part of the nation, while “car-uh-mel” starts in southeast Texas and slowly slides diagonally up the …

Can you say crayon as crown?

Maybe you’re a CROWN person, or even one of those people who make it fancy and say CRAY-AWN. For one simple word, there seem to be quite a few different ways to say it! According to the crayon experts over at Crayola, the correct way to say the word is krA-on.

Is the Y in crayon silent?

Crayola’s website notes “individual and regional dialects may have slightly different pronunciations,” which means technically, no one is incorrect. But they add that Webster’s Dictionary states the proper way to pronounce Crayon is in two syllables: krA on.