You asked: What qualifies as a hail resistant roof?

A hail resistant roof is generally considered to be able to withstand hailstones two inches in diameter or less without suffering damage. Two-inch hail is roughly the size of a standard egg. All Euroshield® roofs are warrantied for this size of the hailstone.

How do I know if my roof is impact resistant?

The impact rating may be marked on the underside of the shingle. If it is class 4 and rated U.L. Standard 2218, it’s impact resistant. They should be labeled either by the Underwriter’s Laboratories or similar testing lab.

What is a Class 4 hail resistant roof?

Class 4 shingles are rated to resist hail impact and are designed to withstand winds of up to 110 mph. This is the highest class of IR or impact resistant shingles you can get. To obtain this special classification, roofing shingles must undergo very rigorous testing.

Can 1/2 inch hail damage a roof?

Can 1 inch hail cause damage to a roof? Yes! In fact, even hail smaller than 1 inch can cause damage to a roof or to other areas of your house. After a hailstorm, the size of the hail can be the easiest indicator as to what types of damage you may face.

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What makes a shingle impact resistant?

What are impact resistant shingles? IR shingles are a class 4 shingle specially manufactured with a SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) modified asphalt formula — which is also known as rubberized asphalt — to withstand the impact of hail more effectively.

Are hail resistant shingles worth it?

Are Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles Worth the Cost? Generally, yes. … Homes in areas that experience stronger, damaging storms will benefit greatly from impact resistant shingles because they offer long-term roof protection. Impact resistant shingles do cost more initially, but they pay for themselves in the long run.

What type of roof is best for hail?

A rubber roof is one of the best roofing solutions for hail. Rubber roofing offers a tremendous level of impact resistance due to its energy absorbing and dispersing nature. Similar to a car tire hitting a pothole, a rubber roof can return to its original shape after a big impact.

What is a Class 3 or 4 roof?

A Class 3 rating is given to shingles that do not crack after being hit by a steel ball, measuring 1.75” in diameter and dropped from twenty feet. Class 4 is the highest after taking a hit from the same twenty foot height with a two-inch steel ball.

Is Malarkey Vista a Class 4 shingle?

Our Highlander® NEX®, Vista®, and Legacy® shingle lines are Class 2, Class 3, and Class 4 impact rated (highest rating possible), respectively, by UL. Our Vista® and Legacy® shingle lines also meet the stringent FORTIFIED™ Roof requirements of the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS).

How can you tell if you have Class 4 shingles?

How do I know if I have an impact-resistant roof? Shingles are rated Class 1 through 4, with Class 4 shingles having the highest resistance. The impact rating is usually marked on the underside of the shingle or on the packaging. You will not be able to tell the impact rating by looking at a shingle.

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Can nickel sized hail damage a roof?

Dime or penny = 3/4-inch in diameter (hail the size of a penny or larger is considered severe) Nickel = 7/8-inch. Quarter = 1 inch. Golf Ball = 1½ inches.

What size hail causes roof damage?

Material Hailstone Size
S-shaped concrete tiles 2″

How do you prove hail damage on a roof?

What Does Hail Damage to Your Roof Look Like?

  1. Random damage with no discernable pattern.
  2. Hail hits that are black in color.
  3. Loss of granules, which may expose the roof felt.
  4. Asphalt and/or mat that appears shiny.
  5. Hail hits that are soft to the touch, like the bruise on an apple.

Should I replace my roof after hail?

You might need to replace the entire roof if it leaks after a hail storm, as that could be a sign of extensive damage or age. Older roofs are often weaker and likely to become more damaged, meaning a replacement is a good call after hail damage.

Are asphalt shingles hail resistant?

Thanks to advancements in shingle design and construction, industry-leading roofing manufacturers have engineered asphalt roofing shingles that can withstand greater impact and therefore potentially reduce the amount of roof damage caused by a storm, such as hail damage.

Are architectural shingles hail resistant?

Damage resistance

In general, thicker architectural shingles are more resistant than 3-tab shingles to the impact of objects like falling branches and large hail. Good impact resistance can also reduce the chance of damage to the underlayment.

Are 30 year shingles impact resistant?

30 year shingles often have warranties attached to them and depending on the company the warranties vary from 5 years to 20 years. 30 year impact resistant shingles vary in strength from class 1 to class 4. … 30 year impact resistant shingles are beneficial in climates that receive a lot of storms such as hail.

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