You asked: How do you put a ladder on a steep roof?

How do you set a ladder on a slope?

Extend the ladder and lean it up against the building/wall. Set up the ladder at the correct angle which should be 1 metre out for every 4 metres up or 75°. The rungs should always look horizontal and an appropriate levelling device should be used such as a Big Grip Ladder Stabiliser or the LSD Ladder Leveller.

How do you secure yourself on a steep roof?

On uneven ground, place squares of plywood under one foot to level the ladder base and then secure it with wire or rope tied to stakes. Fasten the top of the ladder with rope or wire tied to a secure anchoring point such as a 20d nail driven into a rafter.

Can you put a ladder on roof?

Never set up a ladder anywhere near electrical power lines. … I don’t recommend climbing onto roofs, but if you must, be sure the top of the ladder extends at least 3 feet above the point of contact. When you reach the edge of the roof, grab the top of the rails with both hands, then carefully step around the ladder.

How do you climb a slanted roof?

Use a sturdy extension ladder that extends at least 3 feet above the eaves to climb onto the roof, and secure the bottom to the foundation and the top to the eaves or fascia so it doesn’t move. Hold onto the ladder with both hands when you dismount.

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What is footing a ladder?

Footing the ladder means that another person physically holds the base of the ladder in place. While the user ascends and descends it, the person footing it should maintain a secure grip of the stiles. Footing should not be used to secure a ladder that is particularly long.

How do roofers anchor themselves?

To secure yourself when working on rooftops, you need a fall arrest system which is usually made up of three primary elements; Anchor points, Bodywear- also known as the roof harness, and Connectors – these are ropes, lanyards, hooks, buckles, and rope-grabs.

How do roofers not fall?

One of the ways we move around on this type of roof without fear of falling is through use of a toe board. The roofer simply nails a long wooden board—usually a standard 2×4—and uses it to create a walkway. The toe board method is commonly used by most roofing contractors for safety and staging purposes.

What size ladder do I need to get on my roof?


Height to Gutter or to Support Point Buy This Size Ladder (include a 3-foot extension above roof line)
13 to 17 feet 24-foot
17 to 21 feet 28-foot
21 to 25 feet 32-foot
25 to 28 feet 36-foot