What is the cost of RCC roof?

To get a rough idea for the construction cost you can get a hint from this formula, however, in general, it is assumed that to construct an RCC roof slab the approx cost would be Rs 180 to 200-00 per Sq Ft, where the cost for steel, labor, shuttering and material is included.

How much does a 1200 sq ft concrete slab cost?

A typical concrete slab will cost between $113 and $126 per cubic yard (27 cubic feet) or $5.35 to $6.17 per square foot on average.

Concrete Slab Prices By Size.

Slab Size Square Feet Average Cost Installed
30×40 1200 $7,404
40×60 2400 $14,808

How is RCC calculated?

Lets take example of RCC Column, where reinforcement required is 2.5% of concrete volume, weight of steel required will be: =196.25 kg.

d) Estimation of Reinforced Steel:

  1. For slabs = 1.0 % of concrete volume.
  2. For Beam = 2 % concrete volume.
  3. For column = 2.5 % of concrete volume.
  4. For RCC Roads, 0.6% concrete volume.
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How much does a concrete slab roof cost?

However, concrete slab prices may vary from one location to another, therefore residents in New South Wales are exposed to the highest rates ($85 per m2) while those living in Western Australia can expect to pay an average cost of $50 per m2 for a concrete slab.

How much should a slab cost?

RCC cement Slab at Rs 49/square feet | Concrete Slabs | ID: 1684939248.

How much does a 30×50 concrete slab cost?

The base cost of material for a 30×50 concrete slab is between $2.83 and $5.47 per square foot. The total cost may range from $4,245 to $8,205. However, hiring a contractor may cost between $6 and $8 per square foot, bringing the price range to $9,000 to $12,000. The biggest cost is the material.

How much does a 2000 square foot foundation cost?

Foundations vary in design and materials, so costs vary greatly. An average home is about 2,000 square feet and a foundation can cost from $13,000 (including materials, labor and permitting) to more than $40,000 if it’s a basement foundation.

What is the cost of RCC roof in India?

Construction cost of RCC slab for cubic metre:- To get a rough idea for the construction cost of rcc slab per m3, you can get a hint from this formula, however, in general, it is assumed that to construct an RCC roof slab the approx cost is around Rs 19,000 to 21,000 per cubic meter, where the cost for steel, labour, …

What is the rate of concrete?

The Labour cost for concrete work is around 70 to 75 Rs per cft (cubic foot) or 2500 to 2650 Rs per cubic meter (m3). The Labour Cost for PCC concrete is around 30 to 35 Rs per sq ft (square foot) or 320 to 400 Rs per cubic meter (m3).

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How much cement do I need for 1000 square feet?

About 0.38 cement bag is used per sq ft of construction. So, around 400 bags of cement (50kg each) are consumed for 1000 sq ft home.

How much concrete is in a 20 kg bag?

one 20kg bag will cover an area of 1.1m2 to a depth of approximately 10mm. or 108 x 20kg bags equates to one cubic metre of mixed concrete.

How do you calculate the cost of concrete?

To calculate the cost of concrete for your home project, first find out the cost per square foot of concrete and labor in your area and multiply it by the cost per square foot for your thickness.

What is RCC roof?

RCC denotes Re-in forced Cement Concrete in which cement, sand and Bajri are laid with the help of mild steel. This is most important part of the structure. Generally 1:2:4 and 1:1.5: 3 ratios of RCC are used in construction work.

What is a RCC slab?

Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) is a composite building material consisting of structural concrete reinforced with a reinforcing material like steel. The most common reinforcement used is steel, due to its complimentary properties and it is called steel reinforced cement concrete or simply Reinforced Cement Concrete.

How is RCC slab area calculated?

Area of rcc slab is 100 sq ft and their thickness is 5 inch which is equal to 0.417 feet, so first we calculate wet volume of concrete, for calculating wet by volume of concrete we multiply area of RCC slab and thickness. Wet volume of concrete is equal to 100 sq ft × 0.417 ft = 41.7 cu ft.

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