What is cupping on a roof?

Cupping is when the center of the shingle is concave or depressed, so the tile forms a cup. Curling is when the edges turn up, even if the center is flat. If you notice cupping and curling of your asphalt shingles, you should call a Jacksonville roofing company right away for an inspection.

What causes roof shingles to Cup?

Both heat and moisture cause asphalt shingles to curl or cup. Venting the attic properly according to the latest building codes allows moisture to escape and lowers the temperature on the hottest summer days. Improper attic venting shortens the lifespan of shingles.

What do curling shingles look like?

Curling shingles have turned up edges, making the central part of the shingle look like it is sinking (a concave shape). Curling is common, and like buckling, negatively affects the appearance of your roof. The causes of curling can be poor quality materials or normal wear and tear.

What is a brittle test on shingles?

Some inspectors refer to “The Brittleness Test” as un-bonding a field shingle and lifting the end of the shingle until it is X-inches above the roof surface. … Its end measured less than 5 inches above the roof.

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Do fiberglass shingles curl?

One of the most common is shingle curling. What Does Shingle Curling Mean? It doesn’t matter whether your shingles have an organic mat or a fiberglass mat. Curling happens to both types of shingles, though it’s more prevalent in organic-mat types.

How do you fix cupping shingles?

Curling Roof Shingles Repair Process

Carefully lift the curling or cupping shingle and gently sweep away any loose debris using a dry paintbrush. Next, spread a layer of roofing cement over the area below the shingle with a putty knife and then firmly press the shingle flat.

Why are my new roof shingles not laying flat?

If the existing shingles do not lay flat, then your new layer won’t lay flat either. That’s because shingles are designed to conform to the surface beneath them. … They may also lack a sufficient amount of adhesive which can prevent the shingles from sealing adequately.

Why do shingles buckle up?

Buckling is the result of asphalt shingles not laying flat due to the wrinkling of the roofing underlayment or the movement of the wood deck. During the summer months we normally experience high humidity, and as the old roof is torn off the wood deck is exposed and absorbs moisture.

Why is the plywood on my roof buckling?

Buckling of wood structural panel sheathing such as plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) occasionally results when increased moisture conditions cause the wood to expand. Such buckling may occur between supports or between nails along supports. … This results in swelling or shrinking of the wood.

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Why are my shingles wavy?

The most common reason why your shingles might be wavy is that your house is new. … Felt paper is placed right before the new layer of shingles is placed in the roof. If ever this paper is exposed to humidity, then it will form bubbles that will eventually cause your shingles to warp.

Can a brittle roof be repaired?

If the surrounding shingles are brittle, lifting them even slightly will cause them to crack. … Replacing a few visibly damaged shingles becomes a never-ending process. In this case, full roof replacement would be advisable. Mastic Strip: The mastic strip is what seals one shingle to another.

Will lifted shingles reseal?

Shingles are considered wind-damaged when they are torn, creased, or detached from the roof. Most commonly, wind damage occurs when three-tab shingles are creased by repeated lifting or flapping. … Most unsealed shingles should not be expected to reseal but can be hand sealed with roof cement.

Can you glue down curling shingles?

Repair curling shingles by gluing them down

Buy a caulking gun to glue it down. Caulking guns are a lot more effective. Use special roofing sealant under the curling corners and keep a weight on it for a few hours to ensure that it sticks.

Can you fix lifted shingles?

The most cost-effective way to fix lifting or curling shingles is to replace them with new shingles. While increasing the air circulation in your attic is critical, addressing the more pressing issue of damaged shingles should come first.

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