What is a roof leader line?

In plumbing, a pipe installed to drain water from the roof gutters or roof catchment to the storm drain or other means of disposal. Also called a conductor, downspout, or roof drain.

What is a leader header?

Leader heads or conductor heads are components of a roof drainage system which are known by different names, but they all mean the same. They are funnel-shaped elements, connected in most cases to a gutter, and from there to a downspout.

What is a leader pipe?

​Leader Pipe

Also known as a Downspout or Leader. This is designed to drain the water from the gutter and down the side of the building.

What does a gutter leader head do?

A leader head is basically a catch basin, which helps funnel water from the rooftop to the underground drainage system. It is typically installed under the soffit so that it can allow air into the line. Because of this, leader heads can help stop vacuum lock and prevent gurgling or excess noise.

What are gutters and leaders?

Your gutter and leaders system protects your home, basement, foundation, driveway, deck, and landscaping from water damage. Water coming off of your roof is caught by your gutters and channeled to down spouts. It is then brought down to ground level and away from the house.

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What is a gutter collector box?

Gutter leader heads, also known as collection boxes or conductor heads, are gutter system components that add protection against overflow at the roofline. A leader head also serves as an aesthetic component to an otherwise plain-looking gutter systems.

What is an aluminum leader?

Aluminum Downspout Leader Head

The purpose of the gutter leader head is to connect the gutter to the downspout. The wide opening helps water to flow faster through the downspouts, which is especially helpful in heavy rains.

What is the difference between a downspout and a leader?

As nouns the difference between leader and downspout

is that leader is any person that s or directs while downspout is a vertical pipe or conduit that carries rainwater from the scupper, guttering of a building to a lower roof level, drain, ground or storm water runoff system.

What is a scupper on a roof?

This drainage system looks like an opening in the parapet or wall of your flat commercial roof. Some scuppers have a simple spout that pours water down the side of your building, while others are connected to downspouts that send the water directly to the ground level.

What is rain leader?

n. a vertical pipe for conveying rainwater from a roof or gutter to the ground or to a drain; leader.

What is a gutter head?

This is the enlargement, catch basin or box secured at the top of the downspout. It is used to capture water runoff from the rain guttering or roof scuppers of a building. Importance of Gutter Leader Heads. A gutter leader head can make or break the projected image of your home.

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What is scupper drain?

In short, a scupper is a detail that provides drainage to a roof system by allowing the water runoff from the roof to exit the roof through a metal edge, parapet wall or through the deck into a downspout or leader not run through the interior of the building.

What is a corner Leaderhead?

Without a gutter, water pours off the “valley” where two roofs join. If you don’t have guttering there, consider this corner leaderhead! It works great to catch the water and direct it onto a rain chain. It comes with a removable brass screen in the top to let water in and keep debris out.

What is the bottom part of a gutter called?

end cap – the end piece of a gutter section that keeps stray debris or water from flowing out of the guttering. It’s usually a flat piece of metal shaped like the gutters that attaches directly to the ends of the sections. It can also be screwed into the eave.

What is the best type of guttering?

Which Rain Gutters Are Best for Your Home?

  • Vinyl Gutters. Vinyl gutters have quickly become a homeowner favorite because of their ease of installation, the fact that they never rust or corrode, and due to their cheap purchase price. …
  • Aluminum Gutters. …
  • Steel and Copper Gutters. …
  • Stainless Steel. …
  • Wood Gutters.

What are the parts of a gutter system?

Here are the different components of a gutter system.

  • Gutters. The gutters themselves are the long, rounded pieces that catch all the rainwater and debris and send it down the pipeline. …
  • Downspouts. The gutters may collect the rain, but that water needs to go somewhere. …
  • Elbows. …
  • End Caps. …
  • Gutter Guards. …
  • Hidden Hangars.
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