What is a porch without a roof called?

Screened Porch – we much prefer this term. This is a Porch (see above) with screened walls. … This is not a porch. Deck – wooden structure (could be wood framing with composite decking) without a roof. Patio – masonry structure without a roof.

What is an uncovered porch?

An uncovered porch can have railings and other amenities. … By having the porch open without a roof, this allows more sunlight. A small porch can also have a tiny roof covering just at the house entry door, if it’s a side porch.

What are the different types of porches?

What Are the Different Types of Porches?

  • 5 Different Types of Porches. Are you looking for a more beautiful entrance into the front of your home? …
  • 1 – Front Porch or Portico. …
  • 2 – Pavilion or Covered Patio. …
  • 3 – Open Porch or Covered Porch. …
  • 4 – Screened Porch. …
  • 5 – Multi-Season Porch or Sunroom.

What do you call an open porch?

portico. A porch, or a small space with a roof.

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Does a porch have to have a roof?

It depends. (Notice how many of our answers begin like that?) A deck is a structure, usually attached to a building, that supports people and furniture in a somewhat open area. … A porch is generally a deck-like space with a roof, attached to a building.

What is a lanai porch?

Lanai: A term frequently used in Hawaii to describe a specific type of porch. Most often it’s used to describe an enclosed porch with a concrete or stone floor. Lanais are slightly different from sunrooms because most often they have concrete floors and are situated on the ground adjacent to the home. – Angie’s List.

What is another word for covered porch?

A portico, from the Latin porticus, meaning “gate,” is a covered porch, often with columns.

What is the difference between a patio and a porch?

The terms are often used interchangeably, but there are technical differences between a porch and a patio. A porch is usually a covered space that serves as a transitional area, protecting the front or back entry to a home. … A patio is usually a large, paved space used for cooking, dining, and entertaining outdoors.

What is a back porch?

Definitions of back porch. a porch for the back door. type of: porch. a structure attached to the exterior of a building often forming a covered entrance.

What is the difference between portico and porch?

The biggest difference between a porch and a portico is that a porch is more of an additional enclosed living space at the front of your house, while a portico is mainly a roofed structure held up by columns at the entrance of your property.

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What is the difference between a porch and a deck?

A deck is a wood framed platform that is commonly attached directly to your home. … A porch is most commonly a covered deck with screens for walls. A Covered Roof (or sometimes referred to as a hard cover) is a shade covering for a deck or concrete patio and is commonly made from the same roofing materials as the house.

What is the difference between a porch and a terrace?

is that porch is (architecture) a covered and enclosed entrance to a building, whether taken from the interior, and forming a sort of vestibule within the main wall, or projecting without and with a separate roof while terrace is a platform that extends outwards from a building.

What is the difference between a porch and a lanai?

A lanai is actually a type of porch (or veranda). … “Lanais also offer more protection than a traditional porch because they usually feature screens or windows. They give homeowners that coveted indoor/outdoor living feeling, and are typically used for three seasons.”

What’s the difference between a porch and a stoop?

Simply put, a stoop is the set of steps leading from the sidewalk or street to the front entrance or the porch attached to the home. A porch is the roofed area outside but attached to the walls of the house.

What is a farmers porch?

Farmers Porch: A farmer’s porch (sometimes referred to as an open porch) is a style that is traditional to old New England homes. These open-air porches can wrap around the sides of your home, or just run along the front of your house. They can be spotted by the sturdy beams that support the porch.

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Can a porch be in the back of the house?

A back porch

This is more or less the opposite of a front entry porch. It’s located at the back of the house and connected to the back door. It’s often open and it has a roof and it can be quite big, depending on the house. A back porch provides lots of privacy.