What does the cleat do in a metal roofing system?

Cleats. What it is: Cleats are the clips used to anchor down a metal wall system.

What is cleat on metal roof?

Joggle cleat is a continuous piece of metal that can be used at the eave, valley, cricket, or transition of a metal roof. The standing seam panel is folded and hooked over the joggle cleat. It’s also referred to as an offset cleat.

What is a cleat in roofing?

« Back to Glossary Index. A metal strip, plate or metal angle piece, either continuous or individual (“clip”), used to secure two or more components together. Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.

What is cleat trim?

Trim Cleat – # WS-513

Trim cleat is a continuous piece of metal that’s designed to hold the ends of the parapet cap in place. The hem at the drip edge of the parapet cap will hook into the trim cleat.

What are roof clips for?

H-clips, also called panel-edge clips, are small steel devices that fit snugly between wood panels in order to provide them with edge support. They are often used with roof sheathing to keep it from feeling spongy or soft at its edges.

What are roof jacks?

A roof jack is a plank that creates a flat, stable surface for you to stand on and is essential for roof work. Roof jacks are ideal for all kinds of roofing projects as they’re easy to set up and remove.

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What are hip rafters?

Definition of hip rafter

: the rafter extending from the wall plate to the ridge and forming the angle of a hip roof.

Are clips required for roof sheathing?

For the most common roof sheathing in our area, which is 1/2” nominal (7/16” actual) sheathing over trusses or rafters at 24” on center, there is no requirement for H-clips. … One or two H-clips will often allow a longer span between roof trusses/rafters.