What do I need to get a roofing license in Illinois?

How much does it cost to get a roofing license in Illinois?

Licensing/Application Fees:

Roofing contractor license: $125 application fee (non-refundable) $226 residential roofing examination. $226 commercial and industrial roofing examination.

Do you need certification to do roofing?

It is necessary for any aspiring roofer who wants to get contracts. The license is a valid and a substantial piece of a document a roofer can present, as this will serve his entryway to the roofing business. The license proves that a roofer has handled roofing projects in the past.

Are roofers licensed in Illinois?

Illinois requires roofing contractors to pass an exam to obtain a license to work in the state. Illinois requires the following roofing licenses depending on what type of work your company intends to offer: Residential (Limited License) Residential, Commercial and Industrial (Unlimited License)

How do I get my contractors license in Illinois?

The Path to Become A General Contractor in Illinois

  1. Obtain Your Business License. …
  2. Order a Certificate of Insurance. …
  3. Collect Financial Affidavit. …
  4. Complete and Sign Your Application. …
  5. Pay Licensing Fees. …
  6. Mail Your Application and Documentation.
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Is it hard to get a roofing license in Illinois?

Obtaining your Residential or Unlimited roofing license for contractors will open up numerous career opportunities. While it may seem like a rigorous process, passing your exam and becoming a certified contractor in the state of Illinois will set you up for a life of fulfilling work and satisfaction.

How do you get licensed and bonded in Illinois?

The first step to getting an Illinois surety bond is to apply for your bond. Not everyone can get approved for a bond, so this is the first step to getting bonded. Most companies all you to apply for your bond online. You can apply for a bond at your local insurance agency, or a specialized surety bond company.

How do you get qualified for roofing?

You can take a college course which will teach you some of the skills you’ll need to get a trainee position with a roofing company. Courses include: Level 2 Diploma in Roofing Occupations. Level 2 Diploma in Roof Slating and Tiling.

Do you need planning permission for a new roof?

If you are simply just repairing the roof, then planning permission is not necessary. But to keep things simple and straight forward, the general rule to follow for best working practice is, if you’re changing anything about your roof, it is always best to inform your local Council beforehand.

What is roof certification?

A roof certification inspection is an inspection of a home’s roofing system for insurance purposes. This short inspection usually takes about 30min to an hour to complete onsite and tells the insurance company the condition of your roof.

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Can a felon get a roofing license in Illinois?

This legislation prohibits the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation from barring former offenders from working as barbers, cosmetologists, hair braiders, estheticians, nail technicians, roofing business owners or funeral directors – unless they’ve been convicted of a crime “directly related” to …

How do I renew my Illinois roofing license?

How Does an Illinois Roofing Contractor Renew Their License? Roofing contractors can renew their license online through the IDFPR’s licensing portal. The Illinois Roofing Contractors License expires on June 30 of every odd numbered year (2021, 2023, etc) and must be renewed before the expiration date.

How do I find out if a contractor is licensed in Illinois?

Utilize the Illinois contractor database

Illinois maintains a database of contractor licenses and registrations. This database is public knowledge, and if you’re contracting in Illinois, your company should be in the database. Many cities update the database with registration information they receive from contractors.

Does Illinois require a contractors license?

While Illinois doesn’t require a general contractor license at the state level, licenses are typically regulated at the city or county level, and those requirements often vary. There are exceptions for roofing and plumbing licenses, which require state permits. Each city also has a different licensing fee.