What are Rhino roof racks?

Rhino-Rack® is an industry leader in the design of premium roof racks and accessories. For almost 30 years the company has created world-ready outdoor gear, born and proven in Australia. From serious overlanding adventures, family road-trips to weekend getaways, Rhino-Rack has a solution to fit every occasion.

Who makes Rhino roof racks?

Clarus Corp president John Walbrecht described Rhino-Rack as a “truly unique brand” with leading market positions. Clarus Corp intends expanding Rhino-Rack’s business in North America in its next leg of growth. Mr Cropley will become a non-executive director of Clarus Corp and said they had a similar strategy.

What are the different types of roof racks?

Types of Roof Racks, Calculating Load Ratings and Restrictions

  • Fixed Point. A system whereby a stud is threaded into a factory fitting point in the roofline. …
  • Raised Roof Rail. Roof racks fit to a factory fitted raised rail on the roof. …
  • Solid Rail. …
  • Door Mount (Clamp Mount) …
  • Gutter Mount.

What is a Rhino-Rack made of?

It matters what your car roof rack is made of. Steel is heavy and it rusts. All Rhino Rack cross bars are made from aluminum and coated to further increase their resistance to corrosion.

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Are Rhino roof racks adjustable?

Constructed from lightweight materials, these bike racks are easily adjustable and feature mechanisms to ensure your bikes are held securely in place.

Are Rhino racks universal?

Rhino racks are designed specifically to fit one variant/model of van well, and so they are not universal, however racks can sometimes be transferred from van to van by replacing certain parts.

Are Rhino racks Australian made?

Rich Cropley, CEO of legendary outdoor adventure company, Rhino-Rack, is proud to announce their eligibility to use the iconic Australian Made logo on many of their cross bar roof rack product range. “We are truly Australian owned, operated and now officially Australian Made on many of our products.

Where is Rhino-Rack made?

Where are Rhino-Racks made? We are proud to be an Australian-owned and operated company who employ over 150 people at our Head Quarters facility in Eastern Creek, NSW. Many of our products are Australian Made – to see the range click here.

Where is Rhino-Rack from?

At Rhino-Rack, we believe there’s an adventurer in all of us. It’s what drives us to create world-ready outdoor gear, born and proven in Australia.

Are Rhino racks good?

Overall, for quality and price, Rhino currently seems to have the edge, they’re able to provide a quality product and in most cases for a lower price, this is likely attributed to the fact that they’re still trying to build their name in North America.

What are the quietest roof racks?

The Thule Wingbar was inspired by the design of an aircraft wing. These Thule car roof racks have fantastic aerodynamic features making them one of the quietest roof rack options on the market. They’re also designed to reduce drag which helps with fuel economy.

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What is the difference between roof rails and roof racks?

Roof racks are designed to handle more cargo weight. … Roof rails are mounted on to a vehicle in a north-south direction running parallel with the length of the car. They also provide an aerodynamic look to your car while giving you the option to tie down items that wouldn’t otherwise fit in your car, on to the roof.

Does Rhino-Rack fit Thule?

Will Thule accessories fit my Rhino-Rack roof racks? Most Thule and Rhino-Rack accessories are cross compatible though there may be some exception, we recommend you use Rhino-Rack accessories for our bars as they are specifically designed for this purpose.

Is Rhino a rack American company?

As a pioneer innovator in premium roof racks and accessories, Rhino-Rack is proud to be an Australian operated business since 1992. … Rhino-Rack have warehouses located in Australia, New Zealand and USA. We believe there’s an adventurer in all of us.

Where is Rhino-Rack headquarters?

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia and founded in 1992 by Richard Cropley, Rhino-Rack is an iconic brand that embodies the Clarus’ “Super Fan” ethos.