Should I get a fortified roof?

Are fortified roofs worth it?


When severe weather strikes, a FORTIFIED Roof keeps the wind and rain out, preventing a cascade of damage that can destroy your home and belongings. … No matter what type of roof you have—shingles, metal, or tile—the following FORTIFIED Roof requirements will make your home stronger.

How much extra does a fortified roof cost?

That said, upgrading to a newly constructed FORTIFIED Gold home can add 1%–3% to the total budget. When re-roofing a 2,000-square-foot home, the cost increase is typically between $1,000 and $3,000.

What does it mean to have a fortified roof?

A FORTIFIED Roof™ requires that the roof deck be sealed. This means that even if shingles or metal panels are lost, your roof deck is still able to resist water intrusion. … This graphic shows the roof deck seams and where roof deck tape (blue lines) would need to be placed to seal the deck.

What is a fortified roof upgrade?

If a home is substantially damaged after a storm, a roof endorsement will kick in to upgrade it to a more durable, FORTIFIED Roof. These endorsements add additional coverage to existing insurance policies.

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How long does a fortified roof last?

How long does a designation last? Five calendar years. At the end of that period, a re-designation inspection is required to maintain the home or business’s current designation level.

What is a fortified home discount?

If your house or business was built or updated to protect against serious weather like hurricanes, high winds and hail, and meets official FORTIFIED Home™ program standards, you may qualify for this modern, unique discount. FORTIFIED is an established standard for building homes to protect against severe weather.

Can a metal roof be fortified?

FORTIFIED requires that design pressure (DP) ratings for metal panel roof cover systems must come from one of the approved certified test reports and/or testing standards summarized below.

How do you become a fortified roof?

Use the risk map included on the download page to help you choose the right checklist!

  1. Steps to a FORTIFIED Roof™
  2. Download the Roofer Checklist. Find Certified Roofers.
  3. Get Three Bids.
  4. Work with a FORTIFIED Evaluator.
  5. Review Your Current Conditions Report.
  6. Choose Your Roofer.
  7. Take Action.
  8. Save Money.

What does gold fortified home mean?

FORTIFIED Gold includes all the requirements of FORTIFIED Roof – including enhanced nailing, a sealed roof deck and locked down edges – to give your home its best chance of weathering a storm.

What is the mean of fortified?

Definition of fortified

1 : made stronger or more secure a fortified city fortified bridges. 2 : improved or enhanced through the addition of one or more ingredients: such as.

What is bronze fortified roof?

FORTIFIED Roof (formerly FORTIFIED Bronze) helps homes better withstand severe weather by keeping the roof on and keeping water out. Based on years of research, FORTIFIED Roof protects against wind and wind-driven rain by: … Reducing chances of attic ventilation system failure (roof vents and gable end wall vents)

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What fortified company?

FORTIFIED is a voluntary construction and re-roofing program designed to strengthen homes and commercial buildings against specific types of severe weather such as high winds, hail, hurricanes and even tornadoes.

What does fortified building mean?

In the present day, fortified houses are houses with physical security features, including using enhanced locks, security bars, solid core or metal doors, perimeter alarms, cameras, security guards to deter or delay assault.

What is a gold certified roof?

FORTIFIED Gold includes all FORTIFIED Roof and Silver requirements and resists damage from category 3 hurricanes.

What is impact resistant roof?

Impact-resistant shingles and other roofing materials are designed to resist damage from hail and flying debris — abuse that might damage ordinary shingles. Shingles on an impact-resistant roof are designed to withstand high winds and hail damage and have a Class 4 rating (see below).