Quick Answer: Which type of conservatory roof is best?

The best type of roof for a conservatory would have to incorporate heat retention, glazing to benefit from the extra light and aesthetic appeal that can add value to your property. On this basis, a hybrid solid and glass roof would be the best choice.

What is the best roof to have on a conservatory?

Although it is more expensive than polycarbonate, glass is generally considered to be the superior choice when it comes to conservatory roofing. This is because it’s a much better insulator, meaning it keeps your conservatory cool in summer and warm in winter – plus it generally looks more sophisticated.

Which is best glass or tiled conservatory roof?

Compared with lightweight tiled roofs, glass conservatory roofs offer far superior insulating properties. The latest advances in solar control glass combat the extremes of temperature that have sometimes made conservatories seem rather inhospitable places in the past.

Are solid conservatory roofs worth it?

The most obvious benefit of a solid conservatory roof is improved insulation. The space will stay warmer in cold weather, and keep off the strongest sun in summer. The value you will get from having an extension to your living space that is usable all year round is considerable – prospective buyers will think so too.

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Are lightweight conservatory roofs good?

A lightweight tile roof provides the perfect replacement for a tired, glazed conservatory roof. Solid roofs are becoming very popular as both a refit option on existing conservatories and a feature on new build conservatories but many existing builds cannot bear the weight of a traditional tiled roof.

What is the average cost of a replacement conservatory roof?

The cost of a replacement polycarbonate conservatory roof

Type of conservatory roof Size of conservatory Average price
Lean-to conservatory 3500mm x 3500mm £2,842
Victorian conservatory 4000mm x 4000mm £4,672
Victorian conservatory 4500mm x 4500mm £4,945
Edwardian conservatory 4000mm x 4000mm £4,800

Are polycarbonate conservatory roofs any good?

Polycarbonate is a durable material but it is more prone to scratching than glass. Over time, polycarbonate roofs are also more susceptible to weather damage. … However, modern glass conservatory roofs are very robust and they stand up to severe weather conditions well.

Is glass roof more expensive?

Design. Lean-to designs are less expensive than options that include a pitched roof. Materials. Polycarbonate is cheapest, glass is a bit more, and a solid surface is the most expensive option.

Are tiled conservatory roofs any good?

Solid or tiled conservatory roofs

A tiled roof will give you less daylight than glass or polycarbonate, but it will transform your conservatory into a proper extension of your home. Its thermal efficiency is in a totally different league, so you can use it all year round without worrying about the temperature.

Is a glass conservatory roof better?

Glass is energy efficient, helps retain heat and will keep you warm during winter. … Another major benefit of using glass for your conservatory roof is that it is less prone to scratches and is weather resistant, which will be important during the winter months when environmental conditions can be harsh.

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How long do polycarbonate conservatory roofs last?

Polycarbonate conservatory roofs

You can expect polycarbonate roofs to last for about 20 years. However, if you have a polycarbonate roof which is between 10-20 years old, it is highly likely that it fails to maintain a comfortable temperature in the conservatory. So, we recommend replacing it sooner rather than later.

Does a solid roof conservatory need planning permission?

You don’t need planning permission to put a solid roof your conservatory, however… Always make sure your conservatory framework is structurally sound and can take the weight of a new solid roof.

What is the lifespan of a conservatory roof?

While it varies, the experts usually estimate a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years. This is because they tend to be damaged by harsh weather conditions or through general wear and tear. They can also be damaged during maintenance and repairs, which need to be carried out regularly.

What is a solid conservatory roof?

Instead of the traditional glazed or polycarbonate roof that typically adorns the tops of conservatories and orangeries, a solid tiled roof consists of tiles to give your conservatory extra strength and durability.

How long should a uPVC conservatory last?

The average life expectancy of a standard conservatory used to be around ten years, but, with experienced fitters, modern installation methods, the use of high quality of materials, and proper maintenance, buyers can now expect a uPVC conservatory to last around 25 years (and then some).

What is the best Colour glass for a conservatory roof?

Blue glass is effective whenever there is light – even when it’s cloudy. Blue glass doesn’t make the conservatory ‘cool’, but it has a noticeable cooling effect in full sunlight, and you’ll be able to use your conservatory on days when you’d ordinarily have steered well clear.

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