Quick Answer: How do you market a commercial roof?

How do you advertise commercial roofing?

Online ad platforms are a great place to generate leads for your commercial roofing business. The majority of commercial property owners will have a presence on at least one of the leading social media platforms. When looking for large commercial clients, your best bets are LinkedIn and Facebook.

How do commercial roofers get clients?

By far, the most common strategy for generating leads for commercial roofers are referrals. Referrals are the backbone of the industry. Customers that come from referrals usually spend the most and are often the most loyal. The challenge with referrals is that you can’t control each month how many you are going to get.

How do I get into commercial roof sales?

How to Get into Commercial Roofing

  1. Do Your Homework. Along with researching the industry, you’ll, of course, want to learn about the techniques behind commercial roofing. …
  2. Start with an Easy-to-Learn System. …
  3. Take Advantage of Free Hands-On Training. …
  4. Attend Industry Trade Shows.

Is commercial roofing profitable?

Typical roofing companies make between 20 percent and 40 percent gross profit in the roofing industry. The number for service-focused companies may be higher while the number for new construction and large commercial companies may be lower. … Indirect expenses run between 20 percent and 40 percent of revenue on average.

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Can I make a living selling roofs?

Roofing sales can be a lucrative career…and these tips will help you get off to a confident start so you can make a good living selling roofs.

How do you value a roofing business?

The valuation of your roofing business should include the sum of all your assets, which could include trucks, tools, safety gear, ladders and your current inventory of roofing supplies if you keep them on hand. Tangible assets include building and land you own to house the business.

What is the markup on roofing?

The formula to determine your margin is Profit/Sales*100. A general guideline for pricing roofing jobs is to aim for a margin above the industry average of 6%.