Question: What is the largest roof box UK?

Before purchasing the roof box, check its compatibility with your car on the web site*** The FARAD roof box F3 680L is the biggest roof box on the market for load capacity; thanks to its double side opening and the max load of 75 Kg is the ideal solution for estates vehicles and SUV.

What is the biggest size roof box?

Thule XXL is our largest size of roof box. You can almost take the kitchen sink in this box! The Thule XXL roof box has a capacity of 610 litres.

What is the biggest Thule roof box?

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This is the largest roof box Thule have available; The Thule Motion XT XXL has a whopping 610L capacity, 232cm length and 95cm width so this is definitely built with the larger vehicles in mind (though not restricted to).

Can a roof box be too big?

You also have to consider how your car will look with a box attached, and fitting a roof box which is too big for your vehicle – particularly if it protrudes over the front and potentially obstructs the driver’s vision – is asking for trouble.

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How much can you fit in a 470L roof box?

The Exodus Roof Box 470L has a slick design and 60kg load capacity which makes it ideal for transporting any extra baggage. Its storage compartment is the size of a large car boot.

What is the largest roof top cargo carrier?

The largest roof box with the largest weight capacity that we carry is the Thule Motion XT # TH629906 (black) and # TH629907 (gray). It holds up to 22 cubic feet, is 91-1/2 inches long, 37-1/2 inches wide, 18 inches high, and has a weight capacity of 165 pounds.

Can you fit much in a roof box?

In fact, you could almost see your roof box as a much large suitcase that just happens to be attached to the roof of your car! If you have a couple of smaller suitcases, they’ll probably be able to fit neatly side-by-side in a roof box, leaving room for other items while helping to stop everything from sliding around.

What is a good size roof box?

Medium – Typically 400 litres and you can fit 4-5 holdalls in one. Ideal for hatchback and saloon cars. Large – Typically 450 litres and you can fit 5-6 holdalls in one.

Where are Thule roof boxes made?

Most people think that Thule racks are made in Europe, and rightly so. Thule is a Swedish company. But while some products are indeed made in Europe, 75% of the Thule products sold in North America are actually made the USA. Thule has factories in Seymour, CT and Chicago, IL.

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How much can you fit in a Thule roof box?

That depends on the maximum roof load of your car or your roof box. Thule roof boxes have a load capacity of about 75kg/165lbs and most vehicles have the same maximum capacity. Double check with your car manufacturer to see if that’s the case for your car.

Can a roof box overhang the front?

Now we have mini-me, & I can’t get a bigger car for a couple of years, looking at buying a roof box to take extra kit. Thing is, I’d like one that’ll take a bike if necessary, which means it will protrude about 300mm forward of the line of my windscreen.

Are exodus roof boxes made by Thule?

Exodus is Halfords own brand of Thule. They are almost identical when it comes to appearance and fittings.

How much can you fit in a 400 Litre roof box?

As a guide, 400 litres of capacity should give you more than enough room to successfully store holdall style bags, coats, bike helmets and wellies for a family of four. If you need extra room, a 570-580 litre one will roughly take a bike in a bike bag, a few sleeping bags and a pop-up tent.

Can you fit a pram in a roof box?

Many customers ask whether their child’s buggy will fit in the roof box. The answer is that “It depends” – the size of the wheels being the usual problem. Don’t forget that it’s likely to be a lot easier to put the buggy in the back of the car, and use the roof box for other items.

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Can you get a suitcase in a roof box?

A roof box is a large box that can be attached securely to the roof of your car. Roof boxes are designed to offer additional storage space for things like sleeping bags, suitcases, sports bags, outdoor or camping equipment or even the odd bit of sport equipment!