Is it normal for a roof to make noise?

If you’ve recently had a porch or room addition, it’s natural for the roof to make sounds, as it adjusts. The cracking and popping could also be from the joists or beams, as they contract and expand. In very rare cases, the sounds are a symptom of undue stress and you will need a professional roof inspection.

Why does my roof make loud noises?

It’s thermal expansion and contraction. The sun hits your roof and heats it up. As the lumber expands, it moves, and it will rub against other pieces of wood that aren’t moving at the same rate. This movement creates the popping noise.

Why do I hear weird noises in my roof?

They’re just the result of the weather, natural shifting in the house, and temperature changes. But you should pay attention to the noises and talk to a roofer about what you hear. … Call Canyon State Roofing if you hear these or other strange noises coming from your roof.

Is creaking roof normal?

It’s pretty common, and not much of a cause for concern. Nighttime creaking comes as a byproduct of warmed roofing materials cooling, and thus constricting slightly. The action is harmless, but creates a soft creaking sound.

Why do I hear banging on my roof at night?

The heat that is inside of your house is constantly moving upward toward the cold outer portion of the roof. … When that pressure builds up, the joints and other areas where connections are made end up moving slightly; this creates those banging noises that might startle you during those cold nights.

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Why do I hear banging in my ceiling?

When pressure builds, joints and other areas of connections, such as nails and metal plates between the roof and attic walls, may move slightly, with one component or connection moving away from or toward another. The energy released by this movement is what causes the loud banging or cracking sound.

What is on my roof at night?

It’s probably not ghosts in the attic, but it may be animals in the night! What racoons, opossums, squirrels, birds, bats and a whole slew of insects have in common is that they find your roof and attic very welcoming! … Once they are inside your attic these critters can cause a whole other set of problems.

Can you hear the buzzing in the ceiling?

Humming sounds might be heard if there’s a large nest of wasps or bees in your attic. Their nests can be as big as the size of a football, so it’s possible you will hear a dull buzzing sound if you get close.