Is a wood shingle roof expensive?

The average roofing installation price for a cedar shingle roof costs anywhere between $7,649 to $11,474 on an 1,800 sq. ft home. You can expect to pay $4.50 to $9.00 per sq. foot or $450 to $900 per square for wood shingles when installed on a standard sized single story home.

Are wood shingles more expensive?

Wood shingles are slightly less pricey at $7.50 to $11.50 per square foot or $750 to $1,150 per square installed. For a typical, 2,200 square foot roof on medium-sized home, your total cost for a new cedar shingles roof could range between $16,500 and $25,300.

Are wood shingles more expensive than asphalt?

For the initial installation, a wood shake roof can cost about $3.50 per square foot at its cheapest, compared to $2.75 per square foot for asphalt shingles.

How much does a wood roof cost?

Common materials for a wooden roof are red cedar shake shingles and yellow pine. Expect to pay between $100 and $200 per square for wood shakes and shingles. The price including installation is $200 to $325 per square foot. For an average-sized roof of 2,000 square feet, this works out to $4,000 to $6,500.

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How long do wood shingle roofs last?

Wood shingles are known to last up to 30 years when they are properly maintained, though they do require more maintenance than many other material types. Wood shingles are usually made of cedar since it is naturally more resistant to insects and rot than other types of wood.

Are wood shingle roofs good?

They are impact and wind resistant. They allow better airflow on the roof inhibiting moisture buildup. They provide increased curb appeal and can increase your home’s value. They are naturally insulating — almost twice the value of asphalt.

Is a cedar roof worth it?

Despite being worth more, cedar shingles are a great investment in your home. With a high quality and great looking material, on your roof, your curb appeal with increase. Cedar is highly valued by home value appraisers and future buyers as it is durable, looks great, and lasts longer normal shingles.

What is the cost of shingles?

Asphalt three-tab shingles cost around $1 to $2 per square foot.

Price of Roofing Shingles Per Square Foot.

Roof Area Cost of Shingles
Roof Area Cost of Shingles
750 square feet $700 – $800
1,000 square feet $910 – $1,100
1,500 square feet $1,400 – $1,600

What is the difference between wood shingles and shakes?

WOOD SHINGLES VS WOOD SHAKES. … Wood shingles are sawn on both sides and are thinner at the butt end when compared to a wood shake. Wood shakes are typically sawn on one side and hand split on the other side, making them thicker than wood shingles. Both are wedge shaped and are affixed individually to a roofing deck.

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Are cedar shingle roofs good?

The Pros of Cedar Roofing

In terms of cost-savings, cedar wood is long-lasting, making it an ideal roofing material. … Cedar wood shingles and shakes are also resistant to strong winds and are durable in hurricanes, heavy rains, hail storms, snowstorms and other types of severe storms.

How much does it cost to remove wood shingles?

Wood shakes are split by hand from wood blocks, are sometimes grooved and have a more rustic, unique look. Shakes can be hand-split on one side and machine-cut on the other to provide a relatively flat surface that is installed face down, away from the weather.

How much does it cost to cedar shingle a house?

The average cost to install cedar shingle siding ranges from $6 to $15 per square foot. You can expect to pay between $10,200 and $24,600 for a licensed contractor to install new cedar shingle siding on a typical house.

What are the longest lasting roof shingles?

What’s the Longest Lasting Roof Shingle? Tile and slate shingles last longer than asphalt, but at a much higher price. High quality asphalt shingles last up to 50 years. Tile and slate can last 100 with proper care, but also require a reinforced roof structure because of their added weight.

How much does it cost to replace a roof on a 2200 square foot house?

A new asphalt shingles roof for a typical 2,000 to 2,200 square foot single-family house can range in price from $9,500 to $16,500 fully installed, including tear off and disposal of the old roof (up to two layers).

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What color shingles last the longest?

Both light-colored and dark-colored shingles can last longer if given the necessary maintenance. The only thing tested and proven about light-colored shingles is that they help us keep the indoor temperature cooler in the hot summer season.