How do you power wash a cedar shake roof?

Should you pressure wash cedar roof?

The Damage Power Washing Cedar Shakes Can Inflict

When used on cedar, they actually strip away wood fibers from the shingles, which dramatically shortens the lifespan of the roof. In many cases, power washing a cedar roof is actually worse for your long-term investment than not cleaning the shingles at all.

Should you pressure wash cedar shingles?

Non-professionals should not pressure wash shingles. High pressure can remove wood fibers and drastically shorten the life of the shingles. Applied incorrectly, it can also force water into the places behind the shingles, which could lead to rot and mold.

Can cedar be pressure washed?

Yes, you can pressure wash cedar siding by using a low PSI pressure washer or adjusting a pressure washer to its lowest PSI setting. This protects the cedar from being damaged from too high of pressure because it is softwood.

Is Power Washing safe for roof?

NEVER aim your pressure washer up the roof, as it can push water under the shingles. Spraying water under your shingles can both tear off the shingles and force water under them and into your home. … You shouldn’t have to pressure wash your roof any more than once every year or two at most.

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How do you get moss off a cedar shake roof?

The best solution to remove moss from a cedar roof is chlorine or oxygen bleach mixed with water. These types of bleaches are effective at killing algae and mold on cedar shake roof surfaces, and they provide a clean, tan-colored finish.

Is Power Washing bad for cedar siding?

Power washing can be used to clean cedar as long as the sprayer is set at a low pressure to prevent damaging the wood’s soft surface. Once cleaned and allowed to dry, the wood can then be painted using a urethane-acrylic house paint. … It is unsightly, but the cedar has not been damaged.

Should you seal cedar shakes?

Never seal your cedar roof. Sealing the roof will lock in moisture that would otherwise naturally evaporate during normal weather conditions. Cedar needs to breathe and thus a water repellant type product, rather than a water proofer is the best route to follow.

How do you clean rough cedar?

You can use water mixed with a bit of mild detergent for a basic cleaner. If you need a stronger cleaner, you can dilute bleach with water for a cleaner that will accentuate the natural luster of the cedar. This is particularly effective in the removal of mildew. Wipe the wood gently, and avoid excessive scrubbing.

How do you care for a cedar shake roof?

Cedar shingle maintenance must include protective treatments every one to three years. Without treatments, cedar shakes can degrade, buckle, rot, and even burn. To protect and preserve your roof, every few years, professionally apply water and fire repellents, fungicides, and algaecides to the shingles.

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How do you keep cedar shakes looking new?

If you have weathered and discolored wood siding, you can regain the new look of cedar by cleaning off the dirt and mildew with a solution of one third cup liquid household detergent (be sure it is ammonia-free), one quart liquid household bleach (containing 5% sodium hypochlorite), and three quarts warm water.

How do you use cedar wash?

Cedar Wash works great on all types of cedar or any type of natural wood. Use it to clean fences, decks, furniture, cedar siding or roofing, barn board and log homes. Add 1/2 cup per gallon of water, mix well, stirring frequently, allow solution to fully activate for 15 minutes prior to use.

How much does it cost to pressure wash your house?

Power washing a house costs $173 to $358, while pressure washing a deck or driveway ranges from $108 to $262. The average cost for power washing is $0.35 to $0.77 per square foot, and your total price will depend on the square footage of the job.

Pressure Washing Prices.

National Average Cost $211
Maximum Cost $500
Average Range $173 to $311

Can you use OxiClean to clean cedar siding?

Can You Use OxiClean to Clean Cedar Siding? Absolutely! … All the OxiClean to soak into the wood for around fifteen minutes. Once the time is up, you can use a soft-bristled scrub brush to remove the debris, followed by a rinse-off with the garden hose.