Frequent question: How do you clean an asphalt shingle roof?

of laundry strength liquid chlorine bleach and water. This is the best way to clean a roof if you have asphalt shingles. After spraying the roof with the mixture, allow it to sit on the surface for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with clean water.

What can I use to clean my roof shingles?

Cleaning Roof Shingles With Bleach (Pool Shock)

  1. 75% Sodium Hypochlorite – 25% Water – This mixture would be used for hearty algae, fire moss and lichen.
  2. 50% Sodium Hypochlorite – 50% Water – This mixture could be used for black streaks or gloeocapsa magma, or light black algae.

Will bleach damage asphalt shingles?

If applied with an appropriate water-bleach ratio, then bleach will definitely not damage your asphalt shingles. … Spray a solution of 50% Bleach and 50% Water all over the roof. By the time you’re done spraying down the roof, you can start softwashing immediately, this doesn’t take long for the bleach to work.

Can you pressure wash an asphalt shingle roof?

Yes, it will make it look sparkling clean, but also you’ll end up replacing the roof system sooner rather than later. The damage caused by pressure washing is not immediately noticeable. Pressure washing strips the granules from asphalt shingles. Therefore it strips away years of your roof’s lifespan.

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How can I make my roof look new with shingles?

Asphalt roof shingles can be painted using exterior acrylic paint. They don’t require much preparation before painting, and a coat of paint will improve your roof’s look. It’s more environmentally friendly to paint your roof instead of replacing it, and painting shingles allows you to customize your home.

Should you clean a shingle roof?

Thin and damaged shingles look bumpy, and can eventually start to fall off. Regular roof cleaning helps keep shingles and tiles in good repair, and less likely to wear down quickly.

Why do my shingles look wet?

In most cases, shingles appear wet because they are covered with a type of algae. … As a result, airborne algae spores begin to congregate. Other common contributors to algae growth on the roof include gutters that drain onto the shingles as well as trees that hang over the roof.

What is the best chemical to clean a roof?

Experts agree that sodium hydroxide is the product of choice for homeowners who want to clean their concrete, tile, and the materials of their slate roof. Another chemical solution that can be used for cleaning your roof is sodium hypochlorite. This substance turns into salt when all traces of water have evaporated.

How do I get black streaks off my roof?

A mixture of trisodium phosphate (TSP), bleach, and water will also remove stains. Oxygen bleach lightens stains as well and is less harmful to the environment, but it doesn’t produce as immediate or dramatic an effect as chlorine bleach. Roof cleaned with oxygen bleach (left) and chlorine bleach (center).

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Is Roof Cleaning a good idea?

One reason to clean your roof is to extend the life of your shingles or other roofing material. While algae isn’t harmful to asphalt shingles, moss is, according to ARMA. … Luckily for you, the National Roofing Contractors Association advises against any DIY work on your roof, including cleaning it.

Can you use wet and forget on shingles?

Wet & Forget contains no hazardous bleach or acidic chemicals so it won’t harm your roof’s shingles. Wet & Forget cleans thoroughly so surfaces stay cleaner, longer. … Keep your shingles, tiles, and concrete surfaces clean and like new with Wet & Forget Outdoor.

Does cleaning your roof damage it?

Professional Cleaning

Standard, high-pressure washers can damage your roof when you’re trying to clean it. It’s important to use special equipment that does not harm the shingles and cause them to be torn from the high pressure. Reputable roof cleaning companies will also use a biodegradable cleaning solution.