Can you repair Fibreglass roof?

If you prepare and coat an entire fibreglass roof correctly then you won’t need to revisit it for many years, but degradation happens and whether you are looking to fix your entire GRP roof, or just a section, rest assured you certainly can repair a fibreglass roof and it will be fully watertight in no time.

How do you fix a crack in a fibreglass roof?

I have a crack in my GRP Roofing Trim – how do I fix it?

  1. Sand an area of about 50mm around the crack using rough grit sandpaper to create a key. …
  2. Cut a piece of 450g chopped strand mat the same size as the area sanded. …
  3. Mix resin and catalyst. …
  4. Once cured give the area a light sanding to remove any glass sticking up.

Can you’re resin a fibreglass roof?

Indeed, recoating a fibreglass roof is a fairly involved process, which requires you to thoroughly sand and clean the existing topcoat, before applying the new layer with precision and accuracy. As such, it is generally best to leave fibreglass roof recoating to experienced professionals.

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Why is my fibreglass roof flaking?

What causes a GRP Roof to Crack? A common problem encountered with a GRP roof is the flaking and cracking of the top coat. The main reason for a GRP roof cracking is due to the roof being poorly installed. During the summer months, heat causes the fibreglass roof to heat up during the day and expand.

Why is my fibreglass roof leaking?

Leaks are caused in a fibreglass roof for a multitude of reasons. Water ingress has developed into a leak, this could be from a crack in the top coat, pinholes, faulty flashing or cracked rendering. You will need a GRP roofing specialist to conduct a roof survey to trace the fault or faults.

How long will a fiberglass roof last?

Fibreglass roofing which is also known as GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) Roofing, can last for 30 years or more, so in longevity, it is close to EPDM.

Can you walk on a fibreglass roof?

Yes, a Fibreglass Roof can be walked on. Depending on the volume of foot traffic expected for the roof to take, this will determine the weight of matting that should be used in the construction of the roof.

Can you paint over a fibreglass roof?

If you have any cracks or visible grp pinholes just apply some sealant as a filler first. You don’t even have to wait for the sealant to dry, just paint it straight on!

Can you felt over a fibreglass roof?

In short the answer is no, while GRP roofing is a versatile system you have to know its limitations and overcoating onto existing felt or bitumen is one of them. The felt or bitumen would inhibit the cure of the roofing resin and would leave you with a uncured mess which would require scraping off and starting again.

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Can you paint a fiberglass roof?

Acrylic coatings are often used in roofing to waterproof roofs and repair gaps and cracks. … Products include acrylic roof paint, fibreglass roof paint, flat roof waterproofing paint and more. Acrylic waterproof coatings often have fibres incorporated into the paste, which interlace when the foating is applied.

How do you fix a pinhole in a fiberglass roof?

2/ GRP Pin Holes:

Sand the area heavily! ideally back to the clear Resin and re-apply some GRP Roofing Resin ensureing all pin holes are filled, you may need to apply a 2nd coat. Before any NEW topcoat is applied ensure a good wipe down with acetone is done to create a surface for the Topcoat to successfully bond to.

Is fibreglass good for flat roofs?

Fibreglass is a newer roofing system that lends itself best to flat roofing but is also suitable for pitched roofs in some applications. Fibreglass is much more durable than felt and stronger too. … A fibreglass roof will last for more than 20 years and it’s less likely than felt to develop a fault.

Is fibreglass top coat waterproof?

Topcoat is not a high finish paint but it does make a very waterproof hard wearing surface for fiberglass. When dry some brush marks may be evident. When fully cured it can be sanded with wet & dry paper followed by polishing with cutting compound.

How do you find a leak in a fibreglass roof?

Cracks on a fibreglass roof are easy to identify, as they are typically visible to the naked eye. In less extreme cases, you might also notice surface flaking before a full-on crack emerges. The sooner these can be repaired, the better.

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What is better EPDM or fibreglass?

GRP roofs are less prone to damage than felt roofs and EPDM roofs too. This means that over the years, the chances of repairs are lessened and in turn more money will be saved. … EPDM is also extremely durable and more flexible than GRP when it comes to a building’s expansion and contraction, meaning cracks are unlikely.