House for summer holidays in Brazil

Studio Arthur Casas architect’s designed the MS mansion in São Paulo, Brazil. Built for a family with three daughters, it serves as a summer holiday home. The residence is located next to the forest and golf courses, a panoramic view. The house is divided into two sections, one of which is designed four bedrooms for children and guests, facing a long corridor with a glass wall and wooden shutters. In the opposite part of the mansion, there is a day zone in the form of a single space, which includes a restroom, a kitchen, a dining room and a home theater. On the second floor of the residence, there is a master bedroom with a bathroom. The dry climate of the region caused the presence of a small pond framing the house. The depth of the pond is half a meter, it has clean water and even fish. To create a special atmosphere here and there added boulders. Part of the pond is made deeper and is used as a pool. There is also a jacuzzi on the terrace.

In the decoration of the mansion is dominated by a tree from which the ceiling of the day zone is made, passing to the terrace, thereby linking the interior and exterior of the object. In the bedrooms, the floors are also made of wood, but in the common areas, it is replaced by a stone. The walls in the living area are lined with brick. Panoramic glazing completes the range of preferred materials, filling the mansion with sunlight and revealing amazing views. In the décor of the residence, you can see a harmonious combination of elements of the American style with Italian furniture.

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