House on the shore of Lake Zhu in Switzerland

When your house (namely its walls) gets to the Terrific Exterior company, be sure – you will not only admire them but be proud of it too! Whatever you order – cedar siding, hardi shakes, fascia or soffit – it will be first-class work, done on time and taking into account all the wishes of the client. So feel free to contact our professionals 😉

The private house MW was designed by the architectural studio Ralph Germann for a family with a child and is located on the shore of the picturesque Lake Zhu in the same valley in Switzerland. The customers wanted the windows of all the main rooms to go out onto the lake, and also that the modern dwelling should be erected within the reasonable budget.

Architects used prefabricated wooden frames for facades and pediments. These elements were manufactured directly in the workshop and later transported to the site. The “skeleton” of the building is made of concrete. Then wooden facades were attached to the concrete structure. All the facades of the dwelling are made of spruce (although it can be made from cedar), then the insulation is made of fiberglass, and then the planking is made of spruce boards. Coniferous species are typical for this area, so there was no doubt about the choice of the material.

Using this method of construction, architects were able to reduce both costs and construction time, minimizing the impact on the environment.

Studio Ralph Germann also developed tables, shelves, and cabinets using birch veneer, and dining tables were designed from a larch array for both the interior and space near the house.

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