Exterior siding house on the edge of a cliff in Africa

Architects Sforza Seilern Architects implemented the project of the private house Gota Dam Residence in East Africa.

Exterior siding house on the edge of a cliff in Africa
A modern residence with a total area of ​​1500 square meters is built on the top of a granite rock with a view of the impressive dam, created to care for the vast surrounding lands. Such an impressive picture obliged to create an equally impressive architectural composition.

Of course, the inspiration for the creation of the project was the dramatic nature of the natural environment. So there were extensive terraces and large-scale cantilever roof protecting them, as well as interiors from vertically directed solar streams.

The mansion is represented by three key elements – two granite blocks, including bedrooms and adjoining spaces inscribed in the rock; a massive wooden platform for relaxing in the fresh air; as well as two glass volumes, in which the winter living room and the main bedroom are designed. A small pool was created leaving the horizon, and the building as a whole seems to hang over the precipice.

Such a distribution of functional zones allows one to simultaneously dissolve into a natural nature and retire into an artificially created world. All the materials necessary for the implementation of the project were obtained locally. The project turned out exactly as the mistress wanted to see her house – a retired musician who wants to relax, listen to music, be inspired and record new works.

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