Exterior Renovations

Exterior Renovations In Kelowna

The exterior of your home is seen by your friends, family, and all passersby, making it a personal statement in your neighborhood. You may only need small repairs to trim, roofing, windows, doors, or it may be time for a complete home make-over including replacing siding and a new paint job.

The exterior trim of the house performs two main functions – attractive appearance and maximum long-term protection against external influences. Today, the market offers many exterior finishes for your home and each has its own pros and cons. If, for example, copper siding is considered the most durable, then its disadvantages are the price and installation complexity.

The need to renovate the facade arises for three main reasons.

1. Natural physical wear of building materials.

Exterior Renovation in Kelowna - Exterior Renovations In Kelowna

There is nothing eternal, each type of building materials has its maximum life. The need for repairs may also arise due to the wrong choice of materials, some of them can serve for several decades, and the second lose their original properties after a few years.

We work with a wide range of materials to renovate your house. The factors that affect what material we use are:

  • The condition of your home’s exterior
  • The extent of renovation necessary
  • Your budget
  • What elements your house faces on a regular basis

Our suppliers provide us with only top-tier components and construction materials. Therefore, no matter what material we use for your exterior renovation, rest assured that it is reliable for many years down the line.

2. Gross violations of building codes.

Exterior Renovation in Kelowna - Exterior Renovations In Kelowna

Such mistakes are made by both construction crews and inexperienced craftsmen trying to finish the facades on their own. The former skip some technological operations in order to speed up work and increase their earnings, the latter out of ignorance or inability. Plaster falls off, siding sags, windows, and doors do not open/close. Repair is quite complicated, most often you need to dismantle defective coatings.

3. Emergencies.

Exterior Renovation in Kelowna - Exterior Renovations In Kelowna

Facade walls are damaged after fires, hurricanes, and hail. The amount of repair work depends on the degree of damage. In some cases, you have to make full renovation, in others, quite the light renovation.

4. We add a fourth reason why you need a full renovation – you have vinyl siding.

What can you say about vinyl siding now? Apart from the price – nothing good. It is inferior in all key parameters to its competitors – it is worse than aluminum, cedar, fiber cement siding (Hardie Siding, Hardie Shakes, or Hardie Panel).

Vinyl siding is treated with fire retardant, but this only retards or slows down the spread of fire. Firefighters sometimes comment on how houses with vinyl siding neighboring a burning house will badly warp in response to the adjacent heat. Often, a burning house up to 60 feet away will affect an adjacent house with vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding usually does have a wood-like relief, but the product is too thin to allow for the deep textures found on HardiePlank, other brands of fiber-cement siding, or real wood, for that matter.

The classic way that vinyl siding gets damaged is when an errant lawn mower or garden spade hits the siding, punching a hole or creating a gash. Freezing temperatures make vinyl siding more prone to cracking. As noted earlier, heat will warp it. Place a barbecue too close to vinyl siding and it will be warped beyond repair. Typically, panel replacement is the only fix for warped vinyl siding.

We are experts at what we do. When you hire us to renovate your home’s exterior, you can expect the following:

  • Professional workflow when all deadlines are met
  • Attention to all details from start to finish
  • You are involved throughout the renovation process
  • Transparent prices
  • Dedicated project manager

If you’d like to know more about our exterior renovations, contact us today. Give us a call +1 250-899-4218 or email us -> terrificexterior@gmail.com. A member of the Terrific Exterior team will answer your request shortly.