How to Coordinate Colors for your Outdoor Home

If you are challenged in choosing exterior colours for your home, join everyone else who thinks the same as you do!  Unlike your interiors that depend on your mood, furnishings, and adjacent finishes, your outdoor home has many factors to consider as well. Factors like adjacent neighbouring homes, natural habitat and surroundings, can be a challenge when trying to coordinate colours and choosing trim, accent and main colours for your home. While paint manufacturer’s and home improvement websites may be helpful, don’t overlook observing the existing environment for helping you coordinate exterior home colours.

  • Draw inspiration from nature: Walk around your home and see what colors occur naturally around your home. A house located in the mountains with evergreen trees in the vicinity will be a different inspiration from a home that’s situated on the beach with sand and water as the backdrop. Coordinate colors of your home to mimic nature, or to compliment it. Homes in the mountains do well with rustic tones of browns, deep burgundy, and greens. While homes near water do well with inspiring blues, sandy beiges and soft yellows. Get inspired by nature, it will never lead you astray when choosing coordinating colors.
  • Get help from professionals: Depending on where you live, local paint manufacturer’s and exterior home designers can help you choose the perfect mix of colours for your exterior home. Most manufacturers websites will feature paint combination’s for your main home, accent colours for shutters, and trim, and even suggestions for colour families that will coordinate well with the colours that you may or may not like. Decide if you want your exterior home to match the same colour families as your neighbours, or if you want to be a rebel and go totally opposite!
  • Visit other neighbourhoods: While you can get inspiration from your own backyard you can also get inspiration from visiting different neighbourhoods, vacationing and searching the internet for inspiring exterior color combinations. If you see a home you like, and you can talk to the owner, ask them what coordinating color combination’s they used. Many homeowners use resources from architects and designers that are pre-selected and are featured in designer lines and features. While some people come up with coordinating colors from their ‘eye’ of good home inspiration.
  • Color your home with what YOU love: Whether you like the color of the setting sun or you enjoy the blue of a perfect cloudless day, color your home with inspiration from your life.  Many of us get caught up in the latest trends from designers or what your neighbors are doing, instead, be original and love your home.  Exterior colors should reflect your own personal style, and make you feel good every time you pull into your driveway. When coordinating your exterior colors, also consider coordinating them with your life!

Whether you are building a home, or have decided to change the exterior colors on your 100-year-old home, coordinating exterior colors should be enjoyable and purposeful. Ask your family members and friends for help if you are having troubles deciding. Visit your local home improvement store and ask for trial size paint quantities in the shades you are considering. Go home, and paint a small area on your exterior home, and let dry, and observe the different shades. This will help you decide before you make a commitment. Go ahead, be bold, and feel confident now in picking out your coordinating colors for your exterior home.

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