How to Choose an Exterior Paint Color for your Home

Your home has a character with its style, ornamentation and colour.  While the adornment comes with the house, choosing an exterior paint colour is up to you! For some, this is an exciting chore, while others the thought is daunting. Unlike the interior of your home, the exterior should compliment neighbouring homes but still retain its character.  Here are tips on how to choose an exterior paint colour and keep your neighbours happy!

  • Let your geography be your guide: If your home is located in the tropics, colours are usually bright, playful and cheery. While homes that are located in the rustic mountains will take colour cues from nature in browns, greens, and burgundy.  Before you get your heart set on an exterior colour, observe the colour palette of the geographic area in which you live.  Straying too far away will make your house stand out, and not for the better.
  • Adhere to the architectural time period of your area: In historic neighbourhoods, the colours have been predetermined and should be adhered to as close as possible. Similarly, for newer modern homes and older Victorian homes, the architectural style and time period will also help you define exterior colours to choose from.  If you need assistance in choosing, the majority of paint stores will carry paint manufacturer lines of varying architectural periods for you to choose from.  If you know of your specific architectural period, research palettes online.

  • Walk through your neighbourhood: Depending on your rural or urban setting, your neighbourhood has a big effect on your home’s exterior. Take a look at colours palettes, trim colours and accent features. Although you don’t have to match your neighbours, staying in the same colour family is a good idea. For those who want to go against the grain of the neighbourhood – your property value and buyer appeal will go down when selling your home.  Above all, a neighbourhood that looks unified is a more pleasant one to live in.

  • Don’t forget your roof: Believe it or not, your roof colour and material need to be considered for the exterior colour. Choose your overall field colour of your home and then choose a roof colour that compliments it.   Darker house colours may choose a contrasting lighter roof and vice versa.  Also, consider the sun reflectance where you live.  Hotter climates should opt for lighter roofs, even terracotta tiles or standing seam metal roofs will reflect more light.  Colder climates can opt for darker roofs in slate, copper or asphalt shingles.

  • Get inspiration: Look online, through magazines or other neighbourhoods in your city for inspiration.  Snap photographs, tear out pictures and then bring to your home to see how it will fit into your surroundings.  Once you’ve decided on a colour palette ask the paint store for smaller samples to bring home and try out in a small section of your exterior.  Let dry 24 hours and see if you like it!

The exterior of your home is extremely versatile in colour selection but needs homeowners to be mindful of their surroundings.  Choose colours that compliment your neighbours, geographic location and architectural time period.  Don’t be afraid! Try out some new colours – your home and family deserve a change!

Freshome reader’s have you considered changing the exterior colour of your home? If so, how did you go about choosing the colours? We love hearing from you!

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