Cedar Soffit

Cedar Soffit Kelowna

Why Cedar Soffit?

Cedar is a natural insect-resistant and rot-resistant, and although it does move a lot seasonally, it doesn’t splinter much over time. Cedar is also naturally water-resistant, therefore, it doesn’t need any treatment before using outside, and when allowed to weather naturally, cedar will develop a unique grayish-color. These properties make it a perfect choice for outside projects such as cedar soffit and siding. But for a natural look and beauty, you have to pay.

The main drawback of cedar soffit – it needs additional care: cedar needs to be treated with a solution against fungus and decay, periodically tinted. In addition, it is difficult to mount. Now about the benefits.

Wood (Cedar) Soffit benefits

The cedar soffit we work with are versatile material, its design and appearance will satisfy your exquisite taste and complement the individuality of your home. We always have several bright color solutions ready-made so you will have plenty to choose from. Since Terrific Exterior cooperates only with year-proven suppliers, the cedar soffit we install has a warranty of 10 years. All you need to do after installation is to carefully examine your soffit every year.

Another benefit of wood is that it increases the market value of your house. And, if you are environmentally conscious, then we have great news for you: unlike other material for soffit, the wood (cedar) soffit is 100% renewable.

If you are from Kelowna, then all you need is just to call us, and we will install a beautiful cedar soffit to your elegant home. The list of services provided, in addition to the installation of a wooden soffit, also includes the installation of aluminum, cedar and hardie siding, aluminum soffit, fascia, hardie panel, and hardie shakes. If you value beauty and quality as well as we do – then by contacting us, you have made the right choice. All you need is to tell us your wishes and preferences, and our experts will offer you the most optimal price and quality solution.

Contact us, and we will install an impressive cedar (wood) soffit in your house, which will offer you a unique look, forcing all your neighbors to envy your beautiful house.