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Scandinavian style summer house

Twelve steel pillars raise the house above the ground to the same level with the surrounding treetops. This elevated location enhances amazing views and removes the house from a neighboring street. A long staircase leads to the house, and on the large balcony on both sides of the building, you can go to the main entrance. The living area with the kitchen and living room, as well as one of the three bedrooms can be opened and combined with nature […]

Country residence for couples Lawless Retreat

Built-in a forest on the edge of a nature reserve, a country house for couples offers privacy, relaxation from the bustle of the city, and unity with nature in a modern style. Coming here, clients can slow down the pace of life and feel serenity. Two materials define the exterior – cedar (both untreated and charred) and obsidian lap siding. While a black house in other contexts might be defined by its bold distinctiveness, here it serves as a quiet background […]

TOP 9 tips: how to hem the eaves correctly?

“The main thing is in the details” – this phrase describes the construction of a private house best. This is especially true for the roof, it would seem that when the roof is ready, you can relax, but if you should pay a little less attention to the final details – the result is not the same. One of them is the correct filing of cornices. In private construction, the eaves overhang is a functional and aesthetic detail that should […]