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Private house overlooking the Thames Valley

This private home is designed in a traditional countryside style in Berkshire, England. Pre-weathered burnt timber cladding (wood siding) and brick, the pitched zinc roof of Field House echoes the look of nearby farm buildings. At the same time, the cantilever upper floor and one fully glazed facade make the building unique. Thus, the architects were able to simultaneously increase the volume of the house and minimize the visual impact of the project on its natural surroundings. Panoramic windows in the day […]

Dalarna House in Sweden with wood siding

There is a strong summer house tradition in Sweden celebrating the great outdoors and enjoying the precious sun-filled days in the countryside. Located three hours north of Stockholm, in a forest area of silver birch and pine trees on an isolated 2000 square metre plot, architects have designed a home that will increasingly merge with the surrounding nature over the years. It is situated on a steep sloping site, along a ridge, divided into two rectangular volumes with lean-to roofs […]

Swiss house design with bay view

Having lived in a large house with well-groomed surroundings for several years, customers were ready to move to a more secluded space with a strong connection with nature, trees, views of the bay, and wild greenery. The customer, being from Switzerland, requested that the design reflect elements of the Swiss style, combining modern solutions with classic structural elements and special attention to detail. Given only a small plot of land on which construction was allowed, and wanting to keep several large […]

House in nature in Norway

This country’s residence in wood siding is located in Westfold, Norway. The client wanted a cozy house for the whole family, somehow divided into the parts. Architects proposed a solution in the form of a cluster of three structures that can be used individually. Each of the buildings is a geometric volume organized around an open area, connecting them into a single whole. The spatial interaction of the landscape and structure creates a favorable microclimate. The buildings are oriented towards […]

Country residence for couples Lawless Retreat

Built-in a forest on the edge of a nature reserve, a country house for couples offers privacy, relaxation from the bustle of the city, and unity with nature in a modern style. Coming here, clients can slow down the pace of life and feel serenity. Two materials define the exterior – cedar (both untreated and charred) and obsidian lap siding. While a black house in other contexts might be defined by its bold distinctiveness, here it serves as a quiet background […]

Small house overlooking the bay

The Little House project, built on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, USA. The small house is nestled in a lush grove on the north side of the cliff overlooking the Hood Canal. The building grew on the existing base, its foundation is a square with a side of only 6 meters. The house received a simple shape, its harsh exterior of black cedar siding and cement contrasts with the warm interior, decorated using pine plywood. Homeowners live in Houston, Texas, […]

House with wood siding on the lake in Finland

The 3 Square House project was implemented in Finland. A private house of 165 square meters is built on the outskirts of dense fir forest and right on the lake. The house is as open as possible in the direction of the landscape, but it is closed in the direction of the nearest neighboring building in the northwest. We used to write about 15 Siding and Trim Color Combinations to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal. The exterior of the building is […]

15 Siding and Trim Color Combinations to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

No matter how great your home’s architecture, without the right color combination to show it off, it may end up getting lost in the crowd on your street. Your siding and trim colors need to work together with your architecture to highlight and bring out the best in your home’s style. For more colors for your siding please visit our siding colors (Allura and James Hardie colors) page. Siding and Trim Color Combinations There are a lot of different ways you […]