Aluminum Soffit

Aluminum Soffit Kelowna

The decoration of the gable and eaves is one of the final stages in the construction of the house. However, thanks to such details, the house gets a complete look and a holistic image.

The perfect solution is the material created specifically for filing roofing overhangs – soffit. They are not susceptible to corrosion, they do not make noise with strong gusts of wind, like metal sheathing, unlike wood, they do not need to be treated regularly with antiseptic and varnish, and the perforation of panels promotes free air circulation in the under-roof space. Ventilation of the under-roof space prevents the formation of condensation, keeps the wood and insulation dry and extends the life of the entire house.

Today the most popular are four types of soffit: aluminum, cedar, vinyl, and metal. Each of them has its pros and cons. Last time we talked about the cedar soffit and its features – now the turn to say a few words about the aluminum soffit.

Aluminum Soffit Kelowna

Why aluminum soffit is the best choice?

Because of the benefits. None of the competitors has so many benefits. Let’s take a look.

  • The versatility of the material. It is used both inside and outside the building.
  • Resistance to climatic factors. Unlike wooden prototypes, soffits easily tolerate any vagaries of nature, while completely eliminating the growth of mold, fungus and other bacteria.
  • The strength of the material. Resistant to mechanical damage. Also, do not burn out, do not react to sudden temperature changes (the range varies from -60 to + 1500С). For a long time, they retain their original appearance.
  • Ecological compatibility. Soffits do not contain toxic substances.
  • Fire safety. This material has a high level of refractoriness.
  • Practicality. Due to the good air-permeability, the service life of the roof is significantly increased.
  • Small weight of panels. Such an indicator is indispensable for facing dilapidated buildings, and also no work on additional strengthening will be required at all.
  • Simple installation. You can install soffits at any time of the year. The process itself will not take much time.
  • Easy care. To maintain an aesthetic appearance, simply wipe the panels with a damp cloth and add detergents, additional staining and other ways of updating are not required.
  • Long service life. After installation, the soffits will last at least 30 years.
  • Economical. Soffits (the price is much lower than that of wooden soffits) allow you to save money invested in the renovation of the building. The price policy is partly affected by the design, material, and size of the canvas.

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