Aluminum Siding

Aluminum sidingAccording to Wikipedia, there are nine different types of siding. Some of them look rather exotic and rarely used, for example, Thatch siding. Others such as vinyl siding are very popular due to the convenience of assembly, a huge variety of styles and colors. We will tell you about three popular types of siding that Terrific Exterior offers for outdoor finishing of houses in the Okanagan Valley – aluminum, hardie and cedar siding. So, aluminum siding

After wooden siding, aluminum siding was the most popular in North America back in the seventies of the last century. But, like in any other kind of products, aluminum siding has both its pros and cons. What pleases us is that there are much more advantages.

The main lack of aluminum siding is its low elasticity, it does not withstand shock loads. If your children like to play near your house, then any object of the game can leave its mark on the walls. In addition, a strong hail can also leave its markings on an aluminum siding in much larger quantities.

What will happen to a vinyl siding if you lean on it? Nothing. First, it will bend, and after removal of loading it will take a former view, and on aluminum (and on steel too) there will be a dent. Over time, dents accumulate a lot, and the finish loses its appeal.

Also over time, the paint and varnish coating begins to peel off and the appearance of the facade cladding becomes less attractive. With this point of view, it is better to purchase an aluminum siding covered with a layer of high-quality polymer material. So happy owners of aluminum siding need to be prepared for the fact that every 5-10 years it still has to be repainted in order to keep an attractive view of their house. Some are annoyed, and they begin to glance in the direction of the prestigious cedar or hardie siding – especially before selling the house.

The main advantages of aluminum siding

Now about the pleasant – the benefits. Aluminum siding has all the advantages of the metal from which it is made: does not burn, does not rust, is light, strong and very durable. The panels made of aluminum sheet are covered with either a polymer coating simulating a tree or painting. In the first case, the panels are more expensive, but they are better protected. In addition, if in the first case the surface of the siding panels can be embossed, and the spectrum of colors is not narrower than that of traditional vinyl siding, in the second case it can only be smooth, and the choice of color becomes very specific.

Strength characteristics of aluminum siding are much higher (however, it can be bent during transportation so please be careful) than vinyl, but less than steel. And in the installation, it is somewhat more complicated than vinyl, but it is simpler than steel, and it is still possible (unlike steel) to cover complex architectural elements. Aluminum siding has a higher corrosion resistance than steel.

Aluminum siding is very little used for finishing private houses and buildings (although it is not bad for this purpose), but it is widely used for facing facades of both residential and public buildings (cafes, shopping malls, etc. ), especially in cases when they are subject to increased requirements for fire resistance, resistance to mechanical stress, durability, etc. The insignificant weight of the panels makes it possible to use aluminum siding for facing multi-story buildings. Aluminum siding panels supplement almost the same additional elements as for vinyl siding.

At present, many companies are engaged in the production of high-quality aluminum siding. Leading among them are the American Alcoa, the Canadian Gentek, and the Austrian Prefa.

Alcoa aluminum siding

The history of Alcoa began back in 1929. The company is engaged in the production of siding panels for a little over 30 years. Its products are suitable for almost all types of buildings. Exclusive coating of the material, which became known as Alumalure 2000, has a fifty-year warranty and opens up a wide range of design possibilities, as it allows a qualitative imitation of the surface of the wood and other natural materials.

Aluminum Siding

Gentek aluminum siding

The surface of the walls treated with aluminum panels from the company Gentek, becomes unique, combining the best strength and aesthetic characteristics. The company’s website features three types of aluminum siding: Woodgrain 2000 Aluminum Siding (five colors), Cedarwood Aluminum Siding and Deluxe Aluminum Siding (four colors).

Aluminum Siding

Prefa aluminum siding

Company Prefa is engaged in manufacturing of siding and roofing materials from high-quality aluminum. All of its products are characterized by high environmental friendliness, non-adherence to corrosion and fire, as well as a long service life.

Aluminum Siding

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