About us

If you are looking for a person or workers with good experience in Hardie, Cedar, and Aluminum siding then Terrific Exterior is the right choice! Terrific Exterior is a local siding installer from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. The main services that the company provides in Kelowna are Hardie siding, cedar siding, aluminum siding, Hardie shakes, Hardie panel, cedar soffit, aluminum soffit, cedar, fascia, exterior renovations, etc.

Terrific Exterior | Kelowna | BC | Canada

Now, the Okanagan Valley is experiencing a construction boom and among the siding companies in Kelowna, Terrific Exterior is positioning itself as a reliable supplier and installer of the three most popular siding types in the region. Listen to the opinion and wishes of the client to the end – that’s where the successful project begins.

The second moment and even the trend in construction are to be in harmony with nature. The nature of the places where we build our houses is unique, so the use of green technologies is always our priority.

Еxecution of the home project in time is also a very important point of construction. And it does not matter – it is a commercial or a residential project – we always try to adhere to the agreed terms.

Fulfilling all three conditions, we get flattering reviews of satisfied customers, and this is the most important thing for the company!

We only take what we are doing well.

Remember what we do well. It’s simple. Just a few words – siding, cedar, shakes, soffit, and fascia.

This is all that allows you to look at your home unsurpassed and even better than your neighbors. And when they ask you about the source of such beauty, all you need to answer is two words – Terrific Exterior. And then Google search will do its job.

So feel free to contact us: by email, by phone, by facebook/twitter, or by our contact form!